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Nayte Olukoya wrote an Instagram note denying cheating rumors after his breakup with Michelle Young.

Nayte Shot Down Cheating Rumors And Explained Why He And Michelle Broke Up

"I truly believed Michelle was my person."

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The recent breakup between Bachelorette couple Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya has shook Bachelor Nation. Breakups in the Bachelor franchise aren’t new and have yet to go out of style (unfortunately), yet somehow it stings every time a happy couple splits up. The most recent season of The Bachelorette ended with Michelle Young seemingly finding her happily ever after with Olukoya. She left the show with a ring on her finger and a relationship that changed Bach Nation history as the first couple of color to walk away from the show into engagement bliss. But sadly, the couple couldn’t go the distance, and when they confirmed their breakup on June 17, just half a year after they got engaged, fans were devastated. Rumors swirled around the reason for their split, but now Nayte Olukoya is denying the cheating rumors that have been bubbling up since his Michelle Young breakup.

Since neither Young nor Olukoya really gave a reason for their sudden breakup, Bachelor Nation gossips have been wondering if infidelity could have caused the split. Well, Olukoya certainly caught wind of that chatter and had something to say about it.

To clear the air, Olukoya took to Instagram on Sunday, June 26 with his explanation of events. The statement started strong with the most important clarification of all — “No, I didn’t cheat.” He goes on to list 13 more points that offer his perspective of the breakup and how he is healing, ending with a few peace sign emojis to close off the statement on a somewhat lighter note.


It seems that there is no bad blood between the two, and Olukoya lovingly expressed his care for his relationship with Young. “Yes, I went on the show with no expectations. Just an open mind and open heart (shoutout Michelle for opening it a little more). But I figured if I find my person, then thank god I went.” The following point reads: “Yes, I truly believed Michelle was my person.” I’m not crying, you’re crying.


The rest of the note seems to clear up any other rumors that may have influenced his relationship, most of which are attacks on his character. Olukoya admitted that he was “inexperienced in love,” but that didn’t make him a red flag, nor did many of the other points. It seems that the pair split because the outside world made it difficult to nurture their relationship like they did in the Bachelorette bubble. “We believed that since the love was there, everything would fall into place naturally and in its own time, the way it’s meant to be.”

The love between Young and Olukoya seemed real and it sounds like they’re both broken up over losing it. Olukoya wrote, “We tried. It didn’t work. We’re sad about it. We all grieve differently.” If you need to restore your faith in love, The Bachelorette Season 19 will begin airing on July 11 featuring two bachelorettes, Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey, in a Bachelor Nation first.