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Miley Cyrus' upcoming single, "Flowers," will appear on her album 'Endless Summer Vacation,' which d...

Miley Teased "Flowers" With This Steamy Naked Shower Clip

It's the start of a sexy new era.

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There’s the saying that listeners should give musicians their well-deserved flowers and recognition. In this case, it seems Miley Cyrus is gifting herself her own bouquet in the name of self-love this year. Recently, the pop singer teased her upcoming single, “Flowers,” with a short clip of herself singing in the shower on social media. This is such a steamy way to promote her single — oh, and the ultimate self-care routine.

On Jan. 9, Miley flaunted her raspy vocals in a shower cover on Instagram. While rinsing off, she coos what seems to be lyrics from “Flowers,” which comes out on Jan. 13. The track will appear on her upcoming album, Endless Summer Vacation.

“I can buy myself flowers / Write my name in the sand / Talk to myself for hours, yeah / Some things you don’t understand / But I can take myself dancing, yeah I can hold my own hand / Yeah, I can love me better than you can,” she belts in the video.

In the caption, Miley also shared what appears to be release times for the single in different timezones. “SYDNEY FRI JAN 13 @ 11AM, LONDON FRI JAN 13 @ 12AM, NYC THURS JAN 12 @ 7PM, LA THURS JAN 12 @ 4PM,” she wrote.

From what Miley sings in the video, the track’s melody sounds eerily similar to Bruno Mars’ 2012 hit, “When I Was Your Man.” Her raw voice embodies the same flow and pitch, so it makes you wonder if she interpolated the somber track in the single. These new lyrics also draw upon speculation that “Flowers” might be about her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth. Fans were already buzzing the track could be about their relationship since it releases on his birthday; however, these cryptic lyrics add another layer of suspicion.

Whether about Liam or a previous relationship, this steamy promotion solidified one thing: The fans need an acoustic version of “Flowers,” stat.

This new era comes nearly three years after her Plastic Hearts album, which saw the singer embracing campy, ‘80s-inspired pop-rock synths. Sonically, those arrangements melted like butter against her husky vocals, and she only proved that on her live album that followed. Miley could go in any direction on Endless Summer Vacation, which is described as a “love letter” to her adopted home of Los Angeles. However, if she gives fans another era of faux-metal guitars and disco-pop harmonies, that would be such a moment.

Here’s to a new era of Miley bops.