Miley Cyrus performed Hannah Montana throwbacks like "7 Things" and "Fly on the Wall" during her Sou...

Miley Is Singing All Her Hannah Montana-Era Classics For The First Time In Years

"Fly on the Wall" is still a banger in 2022.

Marcelo Hernandez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus may have left her long blonde wig in the past, but she’s still keeping the spirit of her alter ego Hannah Montana alive in 2022. During her South American Attention tour in March 2022, Cyrus surprised fans by performing not only her new rock music, but also resurfacing some years-old tracks from her Hannah Montana era that she hadn’t performed live in a decade. If you’re ready for a serious dose of nostalgia, these videos of Miley Cyrus singing her Hannah Montana-era songs in 2022 are a total treat.

It’s no secret that Cyrus has a complicated relationship with her Hannah Montana days. After retiring the character when the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana ended in 2011, Cyrus was open about how she didn’t fully enjoy her time on the show and often stated she murdered Hannah, clearly wanting to move on from the alter ego. But in recent years, Cyrus has appeared to accept Hannah once again, frequently sharing throwbacks to her Disney days on social media and even advocating for a reboot.

Another sign that Cyrus is embracing her past more and more? She’s started to sprinkle some of her early hits into her live performances. That was definitely the most exciting element of the singer’s quick Attention tour in South America, which kicked off on March 18 in Argentina and wraps up shortly afterward in Colombia on March 21. Videos from those concerts took over social media, as fans celebrated Cyrus performing throwback tracks like “Fly on the Wall” and “See You Again” for the first time in many years.

While the throwback performances weren’t songs that were technically credited to Hannah Montana, they all hold the same place in every fan’s heart since Cyrus released them while still performing as Hannah. In particular, Cyrus busting out her 2008 rock track “Fly on the Wall” during her March 18 headlining concert at Lollapalooza Argentina was a big surprise, considering she hadn’t sung that song in over a decade. The last time Cyrus performed “Fly on the Wall” was on her Gypsy Heart tour in 2011.

Cyrus didn’t stop the surprising throwbacks there, though. She also brought it all the way back to her very first release under her own name, performing her debut single as Miley Cyrus and not Hannah Montana: “See You Again.”

And of course, she couldn’t forget to throw in one of her most iconic early-Miley singles, the numerical breakup bop “7 Things.”

Cyrus had been performing “7 Things” throughout 2021, so this wasn’t really as big of a surprise as the other throwbacks, but the new performance did come with a juicy little twist. Before launching into the song, which is famously about her breakup with Nick Jonas, Cyrus said, “F*ck Nick Jonas,” before quickly clarifying that she was just reading a fan’s sign in the audience and not actually saying that herself.

As if that wasn’t enough nostalgic goodness, Cyrus also indulged the crowd in a bit of her 2009 dance track “Hoedown Throwdown,” before admitting she doesn’t remember all the lyrics.

All in all, the tour videos are a wonderful reminder that of how fun it was to be a Miley fan back at the start of her career, and how fun it still is now.