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Michelle Young on Season 18 of ABC's 'The Bachelorette'

Twitter Had A Field Day With Memes Of Michelle's Bizarre Viking Date

Of course, Chris S. got the brunt of a lot of the jokes.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

While The Bachelorette is known for its drama, legendary trips, and the occasional epic romance, more often than not, fans can’t help but notice how strange some of the dates are. For a show centered around finding a life partner, there are a whole lot of challenges involving eating weird food and dressing up in some pretty bizarre getups. Take the Nov. 16 group date for example. These memes of Michelle's vikings Bachelorette group date prove Twitter was just as confused as the contestants were.

Heading into the Week 5 group date, the guys — who were all sent to Michelle’s hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota — thought their viking date would involve a little more sports and a little less Fear Factor-style dining. After getting a date card that sent them to U.S. Bank Stadium in downtown Minneapolis, it seemed like the guys would be duking it out on the field where the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings team plays. That catch was, however, that when Michelle introduced the guests of honor, some older guys dressed in literal viking garb came out instead of the football team the guys were expecting. But don’t worry, things got worse for the contestants!

After realizing they weren’t going to meet professional athletes, the guys were told they needed to put on viking costumes and eat “viking food,” which consisted of fermented fish and cow brains, because apparently Bachelorette producers think that’s the true key to forming a meaningful connection.

In addition to attempting to down bony fish, the guys then had to compete in viking-like feats, which involved throwing tree stumps and, of course, lots of shouting. After the weirdest afternoon any of them had probably ever had, Clayton was named the King of the Vikings and later received the group rose date, but not before Twitter had a whole lot to say about what went down on that football field...

Despite the mixed feelings on the date, one thing fans *could* agree on was how hilarious Chris Sutton’s “costume” was. The latest Season 18 “villain” was decked out in a horse costume while the other guys rocked looks that showed off their abs — a move Twitter clearly loved.

It turns out, that was Chris’ last group date. After confronting Michelle later, she decided to send him home when she realized they weren’t on the same page. She’s there for love while he was there for... pot-stirring? Luckily getting sent home means he won’t have to eat any more viking delicacies, so there’s the silver lining!

The Bachelorette’s strange dates continue Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.