Micah defended her friend Shelby after her reaction at her 'Love Is Blind' Season 4 wedding was met ...

Micah Is Still BFFs With Shelby Despite How She Acted On Love Is Blind

“Everything that she did came strictly from love.”


Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the Love Is Blind Season 4 finale.

Micah’s wedding may not have gone exactly as she’d hoped, but one person was totally here for her runaway bride moment. Her best friend Shelby appeared giddy when Paul admitted he couldn’t go through with marrying Micah, and even admitted she was “relieved” when the couple broke up. The response garnered a lot of backlash from fans of the show, but Micah defended Shelby amid the Love Is Blind controversy, confirming they are still close friends and she can understand why Shelby acted the way she did on the show.

Shelby had already been dubbed the unofficial villain of Season 4 before the finale. When Micah introduced Paul to her friends, Shelby immediately made it known that she didn’t approve of him as a match for her bestie. Because the show never really presented a reason for Shelby to be so instantly dismissive, fans called her out for being jealous and cruel online. The hate was only magnified after Micah’s wedding, when Shelby smiled and said she was relieved when Micah and Paul broke up at the altar. Viewers were quick to label her a toxic friend, as the moment exploded on social media.

But Micah herself sees things differently. After the finale aired, Micah confirmed she’s still best friends with Shelby in an April 15 People interview, saying her “blunt” form of communication may have been misinterpreted by viewers.

“I think the thing with Shelby is she does not put anything lightly,” Micah said. “I think she’s a really blunt person, but she is also my person. She is my sister, she’s my best friend. I think everything that she did came strictly from love. And she did not want me to get hurt. She’s been there through every single heartbreak that I’ve had, and she was just not going to let it happen again.”


“If she didn’t think Paul was the right person, she was going to say something,” Micah continued. “But I did have to take everything that she said, of course, with a grain of salt because she didn’t know our whole story.”

Love Is Blind fans may not love Shelby, but it’s clear Micah isn’t going to let anyone else’s opinion of her bestie change things.