Chelsea and Micah from 'Love Is Blind' Season 4

25 Messy Questions We Need Answered At The Love Is Blind Reunion

Nick and Vanessa, take note.


For the first time in Love Is Blind history, the show is wrapping up Season 4 with a live reunion, hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey (obviously). In the past, these reunions have sometimes been a bit of a letdown. After Season 3, fans were disappointed when the show didn’t direct many pointed questions to Bartise Bowden and Matt Bolton — two men whose behavior was widely criticized by viewers. TL;DR: We really don’t want a repeat of that disappointment. So, to prevent that, here’s a full list of messy questions we need to be asked and answered during the live reunion (please). Spoiler alert: This post discusses moments up to and throughout Episode 12 of Love Is Blind Season 4.

For Kwame:

  • You were planning on proposing to Micah before she decided to go with Paul. Shortly after, you proposed to Chelsea, which has been heavily scrutinized. How do you explain that drastic shift in feelings?
  • When in Mexico, you continued to talk to Micah in a way viewers labeled “flirty” though you were engaged to Chelsea at the time. Why?
  • Why did you feel like you needed closure from Micah?

For Chelsea:

  • There were several awkward moments when you and Kwame seemed not to be on the same page — like when you were trying to feed him a strawberry. It got to the point that people were fully expecting him to say “no” at the altar. What has it been like, seeing the show and hearing that commentary? How would you respond to it now?
  • Watching it all back, do you think Kwame was ready for marriage? Why or why not?
  • Micah and Kwame seemed very close in Mexico, but the weather got in the way of any real confrontation between you and Micah. Have you two talked since?

For Micah:

  • You called out Irina for flirting with Paul in Mexico, but you acted similarly toward Kwame. Fans called you out for hypocrisy. How do you respond to that?
  • You let Paul answer first at the altar. Why? Before he answered, what were you planning to say?
  • Why do you think your friends were so harsh toward Paul? How did you feel watching Shelby’s reaction to Paul saying “no” at the altar?

For Paul:

  • After meeting Micah, you made a comment about typically going for more artsy, witchy women. Have you heard of the manic pixie dream girl trope?
  • You said you struggled to see Micah becoming a mother, which influenced your decision to say “no.” What does that mean, exactly?

For Irina:


For Zack:

  • Why did you initially choose to propose to Irina over Bliss?
  • Proposing to Bliss so soon after your engagement to Irina ended was surprising. Why did you feel ready to take that step so quickly?

For Bliss:

  • How did you feel when Zack first asked to reconnect?
  • Your relationship progressed really quickly after meeting in person. Why did you agree to marry him, so soon after his split from Irina?
  • Your dad didn’t seem to approve of the marriage. Did you ever tell him that Zack initially proposed to someone else? How did that conversation go?

For Marshall:

  • In one tense moment, you referred to Jackie as a “project.” Do you regret that word choice? Why or why not?
  • At one point, you told Josh, “If you of all people steal her from me, you can have her.” Do you think they’re ultimately more compatible?

For Jackie:

  • In an interview, you said you weren’t ready for Marshall, but you were ready for marriage. Do you stand by that?
  • When you met up with Josh, you said you didn’t care how Marshall would feel about it. Why?
  • You refused to give Marshall the ring back, saying, “Well, I’m gonna keep the ring because I accepted it because I wanted to marry you. Everything I told you in that pod was real.” Later, you defended your choice on Instagram by saying Netflix paid for the ring. Do you still have the ring? Did you really want to keep it, or did you just not want Marshall to have it?

For Josh:

  • At Chelsea’s birthday party, you claimed you took a step back from Jackie for Marshall’s sake. Is that true? If so, why?
  • Watching it all back, how do you feel about the way your and Jackie’s relationship has been portrayed?

For obvious reasons, Tiffany and Brett are excluded from the messy questions list. After this season, their smooth and steady love story is the only proof that love actually might be blind, after all.