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Jill Chin on Bachelor In Paradise

Pour One Out For Jill, The Meme Queen Of BIP

Her emotional self-elimination was full of her signature wacky outbursts.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Nothing good lasts forever. Such is the case with Jill Chin, whose time on Bachelor In Paradise finally ran out in the Oct. 25 episode. But although she’s no longer on the show, the Bachelor In Paradise fandom’s memes commemorating Jill will last long after her exit.

Jill had a wild ride on Bachelor In Paradise Season 8. First, she was caught in a weird, uncommunicative love triangle with Romeo Alexander and Kira Mengitsu at the beginning of the season. Once that was over, though, she seemed to be on a much better path with fellow Paradise oddball Jacob Rapini. The two hit it off on a 1-on-1 date, where they got naked and howled at the moon, and they became a couple after that.

But once the dreaded “Split Week” happened and the two were separated, everything went downhill. Although Jill remained faithful to Jacob, the same couldn’t be said the other way around. He explored a relationship with Paradise newcomer Kate Gallivan, and even though that didn’t work out, the time apart helped Jacob realize Jill wasn’t the one for him.

Upon hearing this from Jacob, Jill decided it was best for her to just leave the beach, so she said a quick goodbye and then hightailed it out of there. But even through her sadness, Jill managed to continue the color narration she became known and loved for during her time on the show. As she sobbed in the van that carried her away from Jacob, her friends, and Playa Escondida, Jill sobbed about how she was crying over “a Lyft driver who sold his couch for caaaaash.”

Naturally, fans on Twitter had to honor this fallen comedian with the best tribute they could: jokes and memes about her time on the show.

So here’s to Jill. May she find love outside the sandy shores of Bachelor In Paradise — or, you know, there’s always next year!

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