Are Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly married?

Here’s Why Megan Fox And MGK Aren’t Married (Yet)

I guess “wife” is just a nickname.

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ICYMI: Megan Fox and MGK are, like, really into each other. Since they went public with their relationship in July 2020, they’ve been throwing around words like “twin flames” and “star-crossed lovers.” MGK also not-so-subtly called Megan his “wife” during his Billboard Music Awards performance in May, and again in his Hulu documentary, Machine Gun Kelly’s Life In Pink, which premiered on June 28. It’s no surprise, then, that fans were convinced that Megan and Machine Gun Kelly already got married in a secret wedding. But fear not, you didn’t miss any vampire-themed festivities. The couple addressed the marriage rumors on June 27, and they’re not married yet.

No, [we aren't married], we don’t know what’s happening,” Megan explained to Entertainment Tonight at the premiere for MGK’s documentary. “He’s on tour this year, when it needs to happen the universe will open up and give us the space to do that.” I guess the universe is the ultimate wedding planner.

MGK also acknowledged that calling Megan his “wife” probably didn’t help quell the rumors. “I think when I speak about terminology — it never felt like my girlfriend,” he said on the red carpet. “It feels too adolescent for the depth of our relationship.” (Hi MGK, may I introduce you to the term fiancée?)

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This isn’t the first time ~secret~ relationship rumors have followed the couple. In January 2021, a sparkly ring on a specific finger had fans convinced that Megan and MGK were engaged. Megan put a stop to that speculation by wearing a very different type of ring on that same finger: the jewelry was decorated with the words “F*CK YOU” in all caps. Safe to say, she took a gentler approach to addressing the rumors this time around.

It’s not exactly easy for this duo to plan their wedding, either. Their busy schedules are one thing, but their conditions for the perfect venue are just as tricky. In February 2022, MGK explained that they had very specific requirements — and the available venues just weren’t cutting it. During an interview with The Late Late Show with James Corden, he explained they would set a date “when they can build me a red river with, like, gothic [arches]… The location is hard, trying to find a spot that’s matching my artistic [vision].”

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if Megan and MGK’s gothic wedding dreams come true.