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Walmart's 'Mean Girl' reunion commercial revealed Cady's future job.

A Mean Girls Themed Commercial Revealed What Cady Is Doing Today

This is the perfect job for her, TBH.

Despite how much fans wanted it, they never got a Mean Girls 2 (no, that movie doesn’t count). But after nearly two decades, the Plastics have finally given us a much-needed update on their lives in a totally unexpected place: a Walmart commercial. Yep, the cinematic event of the year is actually a two-minute ad for Black Friday deals, which somehow managed to drastically expand the Mean Girls lore.

Clearly, Walmart spared no expense in producing its 2023 Black Friday ad, which reunited nearly all of the Mean Girls cast. Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert, Daniel Franzese, and Rajiv Surendra all reprised their roles for the clip, revealing what their characters’ lives look like in their mid-30s. Check out the commercial for yourself here.

Some key takeaways from the video include: Kevin G. is a dad now, Gretchen is an overbearing mom in the same vein as Regina’s mother, Karen is still a weather reporter, and Cady has become the school’s guidance counselor. Honestly, after all Cady has been through in that school’s vicious social scene, she’s really the perfect choice to help the next generation navigate the high school jungle.


The commercial also brought in another Mean Girls star, who wasn’t seen in the original movie but was definitely heard. Missy Elliott, who sings the Plastics’ de facto theme song “Pass That Dutch,” shows up to parody Coach Carr’s abstinence speech.

Despite all the star power, there are still some notable absences from the reunion. Rachel McAdams did not revive the ultimate queen bee Regina George for the ad, and Jonathan Bennett also didn’t return as Cady’s crush Aaron Samuels.

Thankfully, the Mean Girls love isn’t going away after Black Friday. The next installment in the Mean Girls cinematic universe will be hitting theaters at the start of 2024. The film adaptation of Mean Girls: The Musical arrives on Jan. 12, adding original songs and a whole new cast. Just don’t expect to see Lohan show up; she made it pretty clear she has no intention of making a cameo in the new movie.