Matthew accused 'Love Is Blind' Season 6 of leaving a key element out of his story.

Matthew Accused Love Is Blind Of "Misrepresentations And Falsehoods"

"[A] key element of my story that was never disclosed..."

It wouldn’t truly be a new season of Love Is Blind without a contestant calling out the show. For Season 6, Matthew is the one to get that ball rolling. After the first batch of episodes portrayed him as a two-timing manipulator, the financial advisor took to Instagram to accuse the final edit of falsely misrepresenting him and leaving out an important aspect of his story.

Matthew may have only been around for a short time, but he definitely left his mark. At first, it seemed like he was forming a surprisingly strong connection with AD... until AD found out he was telling another woman, Amber, the exact same things. When confronted, Matthew starting worrying about how he’d be perceived — “America’s going to be watching,” he anxiously remarked. And after learning Amber had left the show, Matthew followed suit and exited the pods after just two episodes.

But that’s not the whole story, according to Matthew himself. After Love Is Blind’s Instagram account posted some clips of Matthew’s controversial first impressions in the pods, he popped up in the comments section to let his thoughts on the edit be known.

“[A] key element of my story that was never disclosed is that I live an alcohol free lifestyle and did the experiment sober,” Matthew wrote. “It was a key factor in why I had so much difficulty connecting with women in the beginning. There was also many misrepresentations and falsehoods created in my opinion to smear my character. I look forward to telling my side of the story with the full truth at the appropriate time.”


This is far from the first time that Love Is Blind contestants who were negatively portrayed have made claims about the show’s editing. Matthew’s statement will remind fans of Uche posting comparable allegations last season, or of Jackelina calling out how her breakup was edited in Season 4.

Going into Season 6, this editing aspect is top of mind for longtime Love Is Blind fans, considering how massively it played into Season 5. Fans were shocked to learn that a couple who made it to the altar in the end was completely edited out of the show, a revelation that led sleuths to dig up more behind-the-scenes drama in the season than ever before.