AD revealed if she's spoken to Matthew after his 'Love Is Blind' exit.

AD Reveals Where She Stands With Matthew After Their LIB Fallout

Here's the tea.


Spoiler alert: This post covers details from the first two episodes of Love Is Blind Season 6.

It didn’t take long for some explosive drama to envelop the pods on Season 6 of Love Is Blind. What started off as a somewhat awkward but seemingly adorable connection between the analytical and reserved Matthew and the more outgoing AD suddenly went up in flames when AD found out Matthew was making the exact same professions of love to another woman. The fallout led to Matthew leaving the experiment early, a decision AD tells Elite Daily she supports: “If you feel like it’s your time to go, then it’s your time,” she says.

Matthew’s exit came surprisingly early in the season, giving him a chance to disappear without having to fully face up to the drama brewing around him. AD says the exit was in his own self-interest. “I think Matthew did what was best for Matthew,” she says. “I think he made the best decision for himself in that moment.”

But her line of communication with Matthew wasn’t totally cut off there. AD admits she has spoken to him since filming the show: “We've had a few conversations, yes.”


Although Matthew turned out to be a bust for her, AD luckily had another romantic connection in Clay. But their time in the pods wasn’t exactly smooth sailing either. As they were first getting to know one another, Clay seemed insistent on figuring out AD’s physical attributes, despite that going against the whole point of the experiment.

“I was so confused. I was like, does this man know where he's at?” AD says. “It's almost like he wanted me to submit a photo to him. I think he missed the concept of what we were doing.”

But AD remained steadfast to the Love Is Blind mission and refused to describe her looks in any way. “I wasn't going to budge,” AD says. “I stood strong and I was like, ‘No, either you get all this or you don't, and either way that's on you.’”