'Love Is Blind' Season 6 will premiere on Feb. 14, Valentine's Day.

The Love Is Blind Season 6 Trailer Teases Dramatic Love Triangles

More mess, coming your way.

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It’s pod season once again. On the heels of Love Is Blind’s chaotic fifth season, Netflix has announced the blind dating series will be back for not just one, but two new seasons. First up — Love Is Blind Season 6, which has already set the perfect premiere date in early 2024.

Netflix confirmed Nick and Vanessa Lachey’s engagement experiment will continue wreaking marital havoc throughout 2024 with a pair of upcoming seasons. The pick-up comes just two months after Season 5’s finale, which revealed only one of the season’s couples ended up staying together. That’s a record low for the franchise, especially after so many of Season 4’s married couples are still going strong.

Hopefully, this new batch of singles has some better luck. Thankfully, fans won’t have to wait long to find out if they do or not. Along with confirming a seventh season is in the distance, Netflix revealed that Season 6 will begin streaming early in 2024, with a very special premiere date. If you can’t wait for another round of messy daters blindly proposing to one another, then here’s all the info you need on Love Is Blind Season 6.

It’s Set In A New City

In past seasons, the LIB pods have brought love (and drama) to Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, and Houston. But Season 6 is heading to the east. The new season will be set in Charlotte, North Carolina.


The Cast Is Shaking Things Up

The 30 new singles were revealed in a Netflix video, and there are some pretty notable contestants this season. For one, Season 6 will include the show’s first single mom, as Jessica states that her daughter will always come first in any relationship. The cast also features one of the widest age gaps for the series, with singles ranging from age 25 to 37.


It Has A Romantic Premiere Date

Love Is Blind really doesn’t waste much time between its seasons. The pods for Season 6 will open up on Feb. 14, 2024. Yep — your Valentine’s Day plans this year are going to include watching a ton of people flirting with a wall.

The Trailer Is Full Of Drama

The first look at Season 6 dropped on Jan. 23. The season’s trailer revealed several bombshell moments in the pods, like one contestant opening up about her daughter, another revealing she’s been married before, and one man interrogating someone about how many followers she has on Instagram.

But the core of the teaser is all the messy love triangles forming. At one point, the men try to detangle all of the overlapping love interests. “What kind of love triangle am I in?” one man asks the group. “It’s like a love star,” another responds, hinting that the romantic entanglements are going to be on another level this time around.


It Won’t Be The Last Season

The pods aren’t going away any time soon. Along with the Season 6 renewal, Netflix also picked up a seventh season of Love Is Blind. Season 7 doesn’t have a confirmed premiere date yet, but if it follows past seasons’ release pattern, it will likely arrive in the fall of 2024.

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