Mandy Moore revealed she would cast Sabrina Carpenter as Rapunzel in a Disney live-action movie.

Mandy Moore Wants To Pass Her Rapunzel Crown To Sabrina Carpenter

“She looks like a Disney princess in real life.”

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Disney has yet to officially announce a live-action Tangled movie, but there are rumors it’s in talks. So naturally, the internet has been abuzz with Rapunzel fan casts and theories. Among the most popular picks online to play the long-haired princess are Mean Girls breakout Avantika and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan from Never Have I Ever, but the OG Rapunzel has a blonde singer in mind for the role instead: Sabrina Carpenter.

While talking to Elite Daily about her partnership with TJ Maxx’s newest Claim Your And project, Mandy Moore revealed that if she were casting a future Tangled movie, she would pick the “Espresso” songstress. “I could see her with 50 feet of hair or something,” Moore says. “She looks like a Disney princess in real life.”

Let's have a real mother-daughter duet.

The 40-year-old multi-hyphenate, who voiced Rapunzel in Disney’s 2010 animated feature, also has a role in mind for herself. “Maybe I could be Rapunzel's mom,” she says, before pitching a track the two singers could perform together. “Let's have a real mother-daughter duet, and have someone write an original song so we can talk about our differences and how hard it is to be a young person in this world.”

Something both Moore and Carpenter know a thing or two about is being a young star in Hollywood. Not only have the two dabbled in both acting and singing, but they have early Disney connections as well. Carpenter got her start on Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World, while Moore’s first feature film role was Lana Thomas in The Princess Diaries.

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Mandy Moore Is Manifesting A Princess Diaries 3 Cameo, Too

The live-action Tangled may just be a rumor at this point, but another classic Moore movie is confirmed to be getting a new installment. Anne Hathaway recently told V Magazine that they were “in a good place” developing the third Princess Diaries movie. Moore hasn’t heard if her character will be making an appearance yet, but she did reveal on the Las Culturistas Culture Awards Awards red carpet that she’s down to play Lana. There is one condition: She needs a redemption arc.

You have all the time in the world to continue to redefine who you are.

When asked what that would look like in The Princess Diaries 3, Moore tells Elite Daily, “I would show up in a cameo, and work at a pet rescue now — just something fun.” Moore believes a rewarding twist for Lana would highlight how anyone can change, which is something she herself is familiar with throughout her wide-ranging career. She’s been a pop princess like Carpenter, Disney royalty, a TV mom on This Is Us, and is now expecting her third child with husband Taylor Goldsmith.


“You have all the time in the world to continue to redefine who you are, how you want to treat people, and what you want your legacy to be,” she says. “None of us should be pigeonholed by who we were in high school and what we did, and I hope the same would go for Lana.”

Even though Moore’s involvement in a live-action Tangled and Princess Diaries 3 are up in the air, here’s to manifesting that Moore will get a cameo in both. Not only would fans love to see it, but she says, “Let's do it. I'll take the work.”