'Love Is Blind' Season 4 fans have a theory that Kwame faked the phone call with his mom.

Love Is Blind Fans Are Convinced This Pivotal Scene Was Totally Faked

It definitely felt sus.


By now, everyone knows that reality television doesn’t really take the term “reality” too seriously. Take Love Is Blind Season 4, for example. Zack had to clear up that the show edited out important parts of his song in the pods after fans pointed out it wasn’t actually an original tune. That wasn’t too big of a deal, but later in the season, viewers noticed a scene that seemed completely disingenuous. After Kwame’s strange phone call with his mom, a fan theory that the call was faked has become prominent. And it’s easy to see why.

Spoiler alert: This post discusses details from Love Is Blind Season 4, Episode 7. After returning from their Mexican vacay, all the Season 4 couples were smacked with real life when they met each other’s families and friends. Kwame was able to win over Chelsea’s father, but Chelsea didn’t get her chance to meet Kwame’s mom. Kwame told his fiancée that his traditional Ghanaian mother likely wouldn’t approve of such a nontraditional marriage. And sure enough, when Kwame called his mom to talk to her about his engagement, she shared her disappointed and made it clear she wouldn’t be supporting the union.

At least, that’s what Kwame said she said. Viewers never actually heard his mom’s voice on the other end of the phone, which was strange, because it was clearly on speaker mode. Fans quickly pointed out how stilted and rehearsed the one-sided conversation felt, and pointed out that Kwame’s hand conveniently covered the contact name on the screen.


A theory began to form that the phone call was faked, potentially as a way for Kwame to distance himself from Chelsea without looking like the bad guy.

Not everyone is convinced the call was fake, though. Some fans pointed out that the show might have just edited out his mom’s voice if she refused to sign a release. Others posited that the producers wouldn’t dream of missing the opportunity to expose a fake call if they could, like they did with Andrew’s eye drops last season.

Still, the consensus among fans seems to be that the phone call wasn’t as it appeared. Kwame is a reality show veteran after all, so he knows what he’s doing.