Singin' In The Pods

Zack Clarified Some Things About His “Embarrassing” Singing On Love Is Blind

No, it wasn’t actually an original song.

Zack from 'Love Is Blind' confirmed he was actually singing a Ludo song to Irina.

Turns out, Zack’s song for Irina wasn’t as original as Love Is Blind made it out to be. The pod pop star himself clarified what was actually going on at the moment when he decided to serenade his (not-so-)perfect match with a slightly altered version of a deep cut by one of his favorite bands. After getting called out in his Instagram comments, Zack admitted his Love Is Blind proposal song wasn’t original and revealed that the performance went on much longer than was shown. What’s worse, that he didn’t write the song or that it was even more excruciating than you thought?

In a season full of cringe-inducing moments, Zack’s painfully vulnerable love song to Irina is high up there on the awkwardness meter. As the dating pods portion of Season 4 came to an end, viewers were screaming at their TV screens when Zack decided to propose to Irina instead of Bliss. The moment was made even worse when Zack burst into song, proclaiming his love for the woman who’d soon give him the cold shoulder. Before beginning his serenade, Zack told Irina that he wrote the song for her, seemingly implying it was a completely original piece. But fans of the rock band Ludo knew different. After the scene aired, viewers noted that Zack was actually singing the 2004 Ludo ballad “Sara’s Song.”


Ludo fans began calling Zack out for seeming to take credit for the tune in his IG comments, but Zack cleared the air, saying he actually did credit his favorite band before singing the cover, but that was cut in the final edit, along with most of his performance. When he said he wrote Irina a song, he was actually referring to how he changed up some of the lyrics to “Sara’s Song.”


And the unexpected cover didn’t come as a surprise to Ludo. The rock band tweeted that Love Is Blind got their permission to feature the song and even joked that they preferred Zack’s version.

You can listen to the original version of “Sara’s Song” for yourself below: