Love Is Blurry
Andrew Liu from 'Love Is Blind' Season 3

Twitter Is In Chaos Over A Fake-Crying Scandal On Love Is Blind

Did that really just happen??

Ser Baffo/Netflix

Relationships move pretty quickly on Love Is Blind, but sometimes cast members need a little extra help to make their feelings known. That may have been the case for Andrew Liu on Love Is Blind Season 3, who had a breakup so rough he was brought to tears... or, depending who you ask, fake tears. A poignant scene involving Andrew and some eye drops has Love Is Blind fans going wild with memes and tweets.

Warning: Spoilers for the first three episodes of Love Is Blind Season 3 follow. Andrew first hit it off in the pods with Nancy Rodriguez as he painted a picture of the exciting life they would share. The wildlife photographer described his world travels in great detail, along with the promises of all the ways he would satisfy Nancy... uh, intimately, once they were out of the pods. But even with all his big talk, Nancy went with her gut and chose someone else. “When I think of the life that we could have together, it’s a great life,” she told him. “But just not forever.”

Andrew seemed hurt by the breakup, and he looked upset during his talking head interview after it. Things got weird, though, when he took out a bottle of eye drops. He asked one of the off-camera producers if the cameras were already rolling, and if it was OK if he used the drops. The producer told Andrew if is eyes were hurting he should go right ahead and take care of them with the eye drops. Andrew proceeded to use a generous amount in each eye, and then jumped right into a monologue about his sadness. “I never thought I could care for someone that could bring me to tears,” Andrew told the camera, and tears rolled down his cheeks.

Having seen that display, fans on Twitter are pretty skeptical that he was actually brought to tears, or if everyone just watched him pour said tears directly into his eyes.

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