Matthew Duliba from 'Love Is Blind' Season 6 revealed how much money cast members are paid.

Here's Exactly How Much Love Is Blind Stars Get Paid

You can make bank if you make it through the pods.


A loving marriage isn’t the only prize you can win on Love Is Blind. Because the dating show requires participants to take several weeks off work in order to fully dive into the experiment, producers compensate them with some pretty appealing stipends. But how much money you make depends on how far you make it in the process. A former contestant revealed the exact dollar amounts couples receive for hitting certain milestones during the filming process, and it sounds like the cash can add up fast.

A couple of months after Season 6 of Love Is Blind finished airing, Matthew Duliba broke down the financial side of the show that’s rarely spoken about. Matthew had an early exit his season, but was a hugely significant part of the pods. He notably skipped the reunion, revealing he would have been paid for his appearance. “They kind of insinuate that if you do things the right way, or the way that they would want you to do them, then you'll get the benefits,” Matthew said of the show’s producers in a May 21 interview.

Given his career as a financial advisor, it made sense for Matthew to go into the specifics about how Love Is Blind participants are compensated. He revealed that everyone is paid $5,000 for their week in the dating pods. Then, the couples that get engaged and are chosen for the tropical getaways are given $2,500. Those who make it to living with their partner make $3,000. And if they make it all the way to the wedding, it’s an additional $1,000. Finally, contestants are all paid $1,500 to appear at the reunion, per Matthew.


All in all, that adds up to a grand total of $13,000 for any Love Is Blind star who makes it to the end — which would presumably double to $26,000 for the married couples that end up together. Not too shabby for about a month of filming.

Matthew, of course, only made a fraction of that due to leaving the pods early after he was caught making very similar promises to two different women. After he was portrayed as a villain, Matthew accused Love Is Blind of “misrepresentations and falsehoods” in how he’d been depicted. In his recent interview, he said the $1,500 reunion payment was not enough to entice him to return to the show.