Dale Moss in the trailer for 'Love, Game, Match'

Dale Moss Is Starring In A Cheesy Rom-Com And Yes, There's A Trailer

Alert the group chat.

Reel One Entertainment

It looks like former Bachelorette contestant Dale Moss is once again returning to your screens — but this time, it’s not on a reality show. According to a new trailer, the Season 17 Bachelorette star and ex-fiancé of former lead Clare Crawley is starring in his first small-screen film. That’s right, Dale is heading to rom-com land in a made-for-TV movie, y’all. Here’s everything you need to know about his film, Love, Game, Match.

If you’re surprised to see Dale in a movie, don’t be. When former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants end their time on the shows, more often than not, there are a lot of different work and brand opportunities waiting for them. What makes Dale’s situation a little different, however, is that there were rumors he wasn’t with Clare ~for the right reasons~ to begin with... especially after getting engaged to Clare onscreen after only four weeks. Fans know the couple broke up in January 2021, then got re-engaged in July 2021 before splitting up for good in September 2021. But regardless of whether Dale was serious about his relationship with Clare, it seems he’s all-in on his potential future career as an actor. Here’s a peek at Dale’s upcoming project:

Love, Game, Match Trailer

The trailer, which hit YouTube on Dec. 13, shows Dale as a high school tennis coach who says what is sure to be the most quotable line in the film: “Everything I do pretty much turns out great.”

The movie — which was shared on YouTube by a Canadian television company called Reel One Entertainment — follows an economics teacher named Liz who agrees to test out some of her students’ online matchmaking service. Also joining the service is Dale’s character, Ted. When Liz and Ted are asked to work together to plan the school’s carnival, sparks end up flying between the pair (or at least, that’s what viewers are led to believe from the kissing-under-the-fireworks clip in the trailer). Is it me, or does this feel very much like a Bachelorette hometown date? TBD on whether or not Liz gets a rose.

Love, Game, Match Cast

In addition to Dale, who plays tennis instructor Ted, there’s at least one other face you might recognize: Cristine Prosperi, who played Imogen Moreno on Degrassi, co-stars as Ted’s love interest, Liz. The rest of the cast is mostly newcomers and small-screen actors, but working alongside a household name like Dale’s could be major for a few careers.

Love, Game, Match Release Date

There’s no specific release date for the film as of Dec. 14, but the trailer notes it should come out sometime in 2022. Check this space for more Love, Game, Match details as they’re revealed, and stay tuned to see if this is the start of Dale Moss’ *official* acting career.