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'The Bachelorette' Clare Crawley who recently opened up on the 'Whine Down' podacst about her breaku...

Clare Got Brutally Honest About Her Split From Dale And I'm In Tears

Oof, my heart.

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Nothing hurts more than a broken heart, a reality to which Clare Crawley has, unfortunately, been able to relate recently. The former Bachelorette split from her on-again, off-again fiancé Dale Moss “for good” in Sept. 2021, and — after opening up on Whine Down with Jana Kramer on Oct. 21 — Clare Crawley’s quotes about her breakup with Moss are both completely heartbreaking and completely moving.

Crawley first made a name for herself in Bachelor Nation as the runner-up on Juan Pablo Galavis’ notorious season of The Bachelor. (During the finale, Crawley told Galavis that she “lost respect for [him]” and “would never want [her] children having a father like [him]” after their final date — yikes.) From there, Crawley went on to appear on Bachelor Winter Games and two seasons of Bachelor In Paradise before becoming The Bachelorette herself. She and Moss were engaged within weeks, and they left the show together early.

But sadly, it seems Moss and Crawley were not meant to be. After a tumultuous run, the two decided to part ways. And while little is known about the exact cause (or causes) of their breakup, based on what Crawley has shared, it doesn’t appear they’ve ended on great terms.

Here’s a look at some of Crawley’s most heart-wrenching quotes from the podcast.

Crawley’s Quote On Finding Comfort In Mutual Connections

“At this very moment, I’m OK. Things are up and down for me just in general in my life. Sometimes it’s minute to minute… Right now, I’m OK. And I feel like I’m OK because I’m sitting with a woman that understands my life. We’ve had similar paths with a lot of things and it’s comforting.”

Crawley’s Quotes On Her Relationship Feeling One-Sided

“It's painful when you feel like somebody who you love deeply doesn't even have enough respect to take you to sit down and have a very vulnerable conversation and owning your stuff on both sides, you know, and just having a conversation. It's hurtful because it's like, 'You think that little of me?’”

“We want somebody to love us how hard we love them and when it’s not reciprocated or it’s not done to that level or in that way, it’s hard to process that."

Crawley’s Quote On Living Without Regrets

“I always feel like I do not want to have regrets and I don’t even know — to be honest — if I would have done things differently because I was doing the best I could at the time with the information that I had. And if my biggest regret is trusting the process, trusting a man’s words and who he showed me he was, I don’t think that that’s a regret. I trusted somebody, I believed somebody that they were who… they said they were; that they would hold up to the promises that they make when they get down on one knee.”

Crawley’s Quote On Saying Goodbye

"The one that gets me is, how do you say goodbye to somebody you never wanted to walk away from? Like I would have never walked... You're having to say goodbye to somebody you don't want to be saying goodbye to, you have to walk away from somebody you don't want to walk away from. It's hard, it's painful.”