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Did Dale Moss reunite with Clare Crawley for publicity reasons?

Dean And Jared Said Dale Only Reunited With Clare For The Publicity

And they have a brutal theory about what would've happened if Dale were the Bachelor.

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Was Dale Moss with Clare Crawley for the wrong reasons? Dean Unglert and Jared Haibon sure think so. On the Monday, Oct. 4 episode of their podcast Help! I Suck At Dating, the co-hosts presented a brutal theory about why Moss reunited with Crawley in February after breaking up the previous month.

“I’m gonna speak very matter of factly because that’s just how confident I am in this assessment that I’m about to make,” Unglert said. “So they — Dale and Clare — got engaged after that, like, incredibly abbreviated amount of time on the show, right? That’s crazy in and of itself, but Dale I feel like was never fully invested in the relationship — that’s why they broke up. Once they broke up, Dale started to see the backlash that he was receiving — and Dale, he’s not an idiot — you know he [got] very bad press, like, very bad PR. I think he wants to get into hosting and all this kind of stuff and it’s like, with that kind of negative press around you, you’re not going to get any of those jobs.” (Elite Daily reached out to Moss’ rep for comment on Unglert’s claims and did not hear back in time for publication.)

Moss proposed to Crawley in August 2020, just four episodes into Season 16 of The Bachelorette. But in January 2021, they broke off their engagement. At the time, a source claimed to E!, "They are mainly in disagreement over lifestyle preferences. Dale wants to be in a lively city and focus on his career, and Clare is rooted in Sacramento to help care for her mom.” Rumors swirled about Moss reportedly cheating on Crawley, and though he addressed the gossip, he neither confirmed nor denied the rumors.

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“[Dale] starts to see all this backlash he’s receiving, and so what’s his response? He wants to then get back together with Clare because he knows that with Clare, he can achieve his professional goals a lot easier,” Unglert alleged. “So he gets back together with Clare, the script starts to turn around back and people start to like Dale a little bit more, he starts to see more brand opportunities come through.”

The former fiancés became Instagram-official again in April, and by July, their engagement was reportedly back on. Since their reunion, Moss, a former football player and model, has partnered with brands including Grey Goose, Patron, Michelob Ultra, Best Buy, Mattress Firm, LensCrafters, and Steve Madden.

Unglert continued, “And then, you know, they start getting together again and Dale starts to remember why they broke up the first time and how incompatible they are, and he’s already kind of saved face in the eyes of everyone else out there and so he’s like, ‘OK, cool, like, you know, now we can break up and there’s gonna be no bad blood because it’s, like, we got back together, we tried and we were together for a little bit longer.’ One hundred percent, it was a PR move from Dale to be able to find a career [in] hosting or whatever it is, that’s my assessment.”

Haibon theorized Moss went on The Bachelorette to “possibly find love,” but “for a business opportunity, as well.” The Bachelor Winter Games alum guessed, “I think Dale met Clare, liked Clare, and I think Clare fell head over heels for Dale and was all in from day one and didn’t want anybody else. And Dale was like, ‘OK, I like you, let’s take it slow,’ and Clare did not want to take it slow.”


The podcast co-hosts concluded with a stone-cold theory about Moss and Crawley’s romantic connection. “I would bet a million dollars — that I don’t have — that if Dale was the Bachelor and Clare was on his season, she would never have made it to his final one,” Unglert said. “If Dale was the Bachelor and Clare was a contestant on his season, he would not have chosen her at the end. It would have been some other girl.”

Haibon agreed, adding, “I bet that if Clare had an entire season, Dale might have removed himself because he wasn’t as invested in the relationship with Clare as Clare was with him.”

Yikes. Moss and Crawley haven’t responded to the Help! I Suck at Dating episode. But inevitably, if Moss does... he’ll get plenty of press for it, whether he wants to or not.