Lizzo gave a shout out to Chris Evans and Drake in a cover performance of "Tyrone."

Lizzo Sang A Seductive Song About Chris Evans And Drake That's Too Perfect

Nobody shoots their shot like Lizzo.

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We all know Lizzo is not shy when it comes to shooting her shot. Especially when it comes to her two most famous crushes: Chris Evans and Drake. During a Dec. 4 private performance, the “Juice” singer added a her own personal flair to Erykah Badu’s “Tyrone” lyrics and shouted out Chris Evans and Drake. The 1977 song’s chorus originally goes “better call Tyrone,” but Lizzo had something else in mind and instead sang, “Maybe I should call Chris Evans/So Captain America can put another bun up in my oven” — which references the stars’ banter about having a baby together. Lizzo continued her version of the song and then sang, “Or maybe I should call Drake?” referencing her “Rumors” lyric of “No, I ain’t f*ck Drake yet.”

A 1-minute clip of Lizzo singing the personal version of the song quickly began trending on Twitter shortly after the performance. And, Lizzo, even retweeted the clip saying, “WHY AM I THIS WAYYYYYY.” Fans really appreciated Lizzo’s version of the song and joked that she should “blame it on the juice” and she should have a cameo in the next Captain America film and compare Evans to new lead Anthony Mackie.

In her most recent single, “Rumors,” the singer drops a fun lyric “No, I ain’t f*ck Drake yet,” and explained in an Aug. 13 interview that the lyric is a little more than a joke. “You know what I haven't manifested yet? F*cking Drake,” Lizzo said. “I just feel like women, there's so many times where girls' names get dropped in songs because they're fine,” she said.

And Lizzo didn’t stop there. In the “Rumors” music video, there’s a hidden reference to Drake’s Instagram handle —@ChampagnePapi— where you can see a champagne bottle with the words “Champagne Papi” on it explode simultaneously as she sings the lyric.

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Then there’s Lizzo and Chris Evans’ flirtationship, which has become something of an internet obsession. It all started on April 17 when Lizzo DMed the Marvel superhero on Instagram and made a TikTok telling everyone, “Don't drink and DM, kids....for legal porpoises, this is a joke.” And leave it to America’s superhero to respond in the best way possible. "No shame... God knows I’ve done worse on this app lol."

Their exchange was widely adored by fans and some joked with the singer that was having Captain America’s baby. And again, Lizzo took the joke one step further to address the rumors on TikTok saying, “This is something that I've been really trying to keep personal and private just between me and the father of my child, but since we're airing out all the rumors today. I've been sucking in. We're gonna have a little America.”

Evans responded like the true superhero he is and texted Lizzo, “Hi! Just heard about our little bundle of joy my mother will be so happy lol.”

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Lizzo’s flirty friendships with Chris Evans and Drake are def ones to look out for. Here’s hoping her shoutout to the stars will manifest a Captain America cameo or Drake collab.