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Chris Evans Had The BEST Response To Lizzo Saying She's Having His Baby

He can take a joke AND he's woke.

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After a fan asked Lizzo if she’s pregnant with Chris Evans’ baby on TikTok, the “Good as Hell” singer joked it’s true, she’s been hiding the secret all this time, and they’re having “a little America.” If you got a kick out of that, wait until you hear Chris Evans' response to Lizzo's pregnancy joke. It was everything.

If you’re wondering how the “rumor” even started in the first place, in an April 17 TikTok, Lizzo revealed she drunkenly slid into Evans’ DMs. She said she accidentally messaged him “💨🤾🏾‍♀️🏀,” which basically means she was shooting her shot with the Marvel actor. Evans was totally cool with it, and even joked he’s “done worse on this app.” Their text exchange quickly went viral, with many fans asking Lizzo for more updates on her newfound friendship with Evans.

Flash forward to July 27 when one fan teased the singer, “Lizzo baby … we know you're [pregnant] and we know it's Chris Evans' now spill the tea.” Lizzo responded by saying, “This is something that I've been really trying to keep personal and private just between me and the father of my child, but since we're airing out all the rumors today. I've been sucking in. We're gonna have a little America.”

To fuel the “rumors,” Lizzo rubbed her belly while the Captain America theme song played in the background. Watch her video below.

On Aug. 1, Lizzo made another TikTok revealing Evans texted her. “Hi! Just heard about our little bundle of joy my mother will be so happy lol,” he wrote. He also asked that they not have any gender reveal party (probably because those are so old-school).

She told fans, now that Evans saw “the baby bump,” they have to help her come up with a name for their baby. “NOW YALL GOTTA NAME LIL MERICA!!!!! WHAT YALL BOUTA NAME MY BABY ?! 🤰🏾,” she said.

Watch Lizzo’s newest TikTok below.

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Fans can’t get enough of their flirty, fun social media back and forth!