Lizzo had a perfect reaction to her song "Juice" being played in Marvel's 'Eternals.'

Lizzo's Reaction To Her Eternals Shoutout Is *So* Her

Yes, it involves Chris Evans.

NDZ/Star Max/GC Images/Getty Images

All the rumors are true: Lizzo is officially Marvel canon. In one of the most unexpected moments of Eternals (which is saying a lot for a movie filled with mind-blowing twists), the superstar singer steals the spotlight as her song “Juice” blares out of a phone. It turns out, the singer was just as surprised by the shoutout as fans were, and Lizzo’s reaction to her Eternals musical cameo is pure gold.

Don’t worry if you haven’t gotten the chance to see Eternals yet — Lizzo’s brief shoutout isn’t a spoiler. The moment arrives when four of the Eternals reunite and set off on an airplane to find the rest of their cosmic relatives. While on the plane, Sersi’s (Gemma Chan) phone goes off, and the others are surprised to learn her ringtone is Lizzo’s hit song “Juice.” It’s a fun moment, but also importantly shows just how deeply Sersi has ingrained herself in the planet and its culture.

Right after the movie premiered on Nov. 4, fans let Lizzo know that she officially exists within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After a bit of screaming, the pop star said she’s ready for an on-camera role in an upcoming Marvel project, and even pitched her ideal scene: a PSA video with Captain America.

As Marvel fans well know, Lizzo is referencing a heavily meme-d bit in Spider-Man: Homecoming, in which Captain America stars in PSA videos shown at high schools around the nation.

And as Lizzo fans well know, the singer has an ongoing flirtationship with the IRL Captain America, Chris Evans. It all began when Lizzo proudly shared that she DMed Evans back in April, kicking off months of flirty exchanges between the two ranging from steamy date night ideas to baby jokes. Although Evans has famously passed down his shield and is no longer expected to appear in future MCU projects, maybe he will make an exception for Lizzo’s fun PSA idea.


This isn’t the first time a singer has been shocked to hear their song impact the MCU. When Shang-Chi premiered a couple months ahead of Eternals, Lil Nas X was surprised to learn that his song “Old Town Road” being featured in the movie inspired a complex theory about Thanos’ effect on the timeline.

So listen closely next time you watch a Marvel movie, because the tiniest song choice could lead to a wild theory or a hilarious (and brilliant) idea.