Lindsay Lohan's Allbirds commercial has so many 'Mean Girls' jokes.

Lindsay Lohan's New Commercial Is Packed With Jokes For Mean Girls Fans

This is pretty grool.

by Daffany Chan

Lindsay Lohan brought back all the best lines from one of her most iconic movies for her latest project. The actor stars in a new TV spot for Allbirds, and the commercial pays tribute to a movie you know and love: Mean Girls. Lindsay Lohan’s Allbirds commercial has so many Mean Girls jokes that cheekily reference the teen comedy. OG fans of the 2004 movie certainly won’t want to miss out on this ad.

Allbirds dropped its new ad featuring Lohan on June 30, titled “Unexpected Athlete: Lindsay Lohan in the Tree Flyers,” and it’s a must-see for any fans of the actor’s hit movies. After all, it features references to Mean Girls as well as another movie Lohan has starred in: The Parent Trap

The spot begins with a shot of Lohan’s bedroom, which features Oreos and peanut butter on top of a nightstand — a nod to the bite twin Hallie and Annie eat in The Parent Trap. Then, Lohan slowly walks down her staircase as she explains, “I didn’t run track in high school, I was more of a mathlete” — a reference to her role as Cady Heron in Mean Girls, who was a star mathlete. Afterwards, she walks to her shoe collection in the living room and opts for the pink pair as she smiles at the camera, saying, “Well, it’s Wednesday.” The hilarious nod pays tribute to Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfriend) in Mean Girls, who of course, was iconic for explaining the Plastics’ unbreakable fashion rule: “On Wednesdays, we wear pink.”

Finally, Lohan puts the pink shoes on and exclaims, “Perfect for a queen bee like Lindsay Lohan,” before jogging out the door.

Lohan recently gave fans another surprise when she announced she tied the knot with fiancé Bader Shammas in an Instagram post before her 36th birthday on July 2. The pair met in Dubai and got engaged in November 2021. Though they haven’t revealed any details about the wedding, Lohan called Shammas her “husband” on IG, and People confirmed they two got married.

Thankfully, fans can look forward to catching Lohan on screen again in more than just a commercial with the upcoming release of her new Netflix holiday rom-com, Falling For Christmas. Until then, it looks like Lohan is happily training her acting chops again with some help from Cady Heron.