These photos of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's Daring Plant Chicken ads are hot.

Why Is Kravis Trying To Make Me Horny For Vegan Chicken?

This was basically their honeymoon.

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Courtesy of Daring

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are known for their steamy pics, but a new photoshoot featuring the couple might’ve just taken the cake as the Hottest Kravis Moment yet. On June 14, Kardashian posted a picture to Instagram of the newlyweds all over each other — and a bucket of vegan chicken (stay with me). The photo comes from the couple’s new campaign with plant-based chicken company Daring, and if you’re wondering why Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s steamy Daring Plant Chicken ads are trying to make you hot for vegan chicken, join the club.

With the launch of their new Daring Plant Chicken campaign on June 14, it looks like Kravis has a new obsession that they can’t keep their hands off of. In the daring photo (pun intended) posted to her IG Grid, Kardashian sits on a topless Barker’s lap with his arms wrapped around her as she munches on the Daring Plant Chicken. Both donning sunglasses, Barker peeks over his wife’s shoulder, looking like he wants to sneak a bite of her dinner for himself, even though she’s holding a nearly overflowing bucket of the stuff right in front of him. Those two just love to share, don’t they?

If that weren’t enough, Kardashian is decked out in a red snakeskin bustier with leather straps attached to the collar, and sports a bright red nail color to match the ‘fit. Even though the photos were taken after one of their many weddings, don’t waste your time looking for a ring. According to Daring, the photos were taken two days after their April 2022 “practice” wedding in Las Vegas.

In case you forgot, the couple officially tied the knot at a Santa Barbara courthouse on May 15, before saying “I do” one more time in front of friends and family in Italy on May 22.

The eldest Kardashian sister captioned the photo, “Guys, there’s chickens that are dying. Why we love @DaringFoods Plant Chicken.”

So what is Daring, anyway, and why does it make Kravis so horny? Daring is a vegan, gluten-free, and plant based chicken alternative made through a clean flavor infusion process with almost 50% less ingredients than other brands, according to a press release shared with Elite Daily. Daring Plant Chicken comes in four flavors — Original, Breaded, Cajun, and Lemon & Herb — and is available at various retailers nationwide, like Whole Foods and The Fresh Market, or you can buy them online. You can also score them at Barker-backed Monty’s Good Burger, a plant-based chain selling Daring Chicken Tenders.

Kardashian shared in a June 14 press release that Barker, who has been a vegan for 15 years, has helped her stick to a mostly-vegan diet, and she finds the lifestyle “so much easier” with Daring. Barker added that he’s hype for the expansion of plant-based offerings as opposed to “basically straight vegetables.” If it’s good enough for Kravis, it’s good enough for me.

Courtesy of Daring

If you’re loving glimpses of Daring Plant Chicken amongst Kravis canoodling, there’s more where that came from. Daring posted even more steamy shots of the Barker’s on the brand’s official Instagram account on June 14, and it’s definitely Kravis at their Kravis-est. In one photo, Travis *sensually* feeds a fistful of pasta to his betrothed, and in one video, Kourtney sits blindfolded as Travis feeds her Plant Chicken on a stick. There’s even a clip of him licking Kourt all up her neck. Oh, Kravis, never change.

If you’re like me and suddenly have a newfound interest in plant-based chicken, Daring developed four special recipes for the couple, including a Pesto Pasta dish, that will be available in Daring’s online cookbook, Unclucked Eats. You’re welcome — your Kravis era has been officially unlocked.

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