KJ Apa's Instagram photo with Eric Dane sparked rumors about next season of 'Euphoria.'

No, KJ Apa And Eric Dane's Couple Photo Isn't Teasing A Euphoria Crossover

They are filming together, though.

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Is Cal Jacobs setting his sights on a new romantic interest for Season 3 of Euphoria? That’s certainly what a viral photo has fans wondering about, but don’t start theorizing just yet. Although KJ Apa’s photo coupled-up with Eric Dane sparked some Euphoria rumors, it’s definitely not confirmation that Archie Andrews is going to transfer to a very different high school.

Apa wound up going viral on Sunday, Aug. 7 after posting a photo of himself laying on a bed next to Eric Dane, cheekily captioning the Instagram, “New couple alert!” The tongue-in-cheek post particularly caught the attention of Euphoria fans, given that Apa is definitely the type of guy Dane’s character Cal would totally go for. Add to that Apa’s drastic new buzzcut and his long-running teen drama Riverdale coming to an end, and it was the perfect storm for quite a few people to speculate Apa could be joining Euphoria Season 3. While the pic does give off Euphoria vibes, it’s almost definitely not teasing anything about what’s really to come in the trippy drama’s third season.

Apa and Dane are actually together because they’re co-starring in the upcoming movie One Fast Move. In fact, Apa marked the beginning of filming the motorcycle racing flick by debuting his new buzzcut on July 28. The movie stars Apa as a discharged soldier with dreams of becoming a motorcycle racer. Dane plays the father of Apa’s character, who was absent for most of his life.

The fact that One Fast Move is currently filming is a clear enough explanation for the seemingly random pic, and Dane’s racing cap really drives the point home that they’re together for the motorcycle movie and not Euphoria. Not to mention, Euphoria Season 3 isn’t expected to start filming for quite some time, since it’s rumored to premiere in 2024.

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So, no — don’t expect the Euphoria and Riverdale universes to cross over... at least not yet. Riverdale’s final season will premiere Spring 2023, and Season 3 of Euphoria is expected to drop sometime in 2024.