Kim and Khloé Kardashian spoke about the TikTok rumors that they use CGI on 'The Kardashians.'

Kim & Khloé Responded To TikTok Rumors That They Use CGI On Their Show

A few very sus scenes have been going viral.


The Kardashian family has come under fire a lot for how they present themselves on their reality show. After the move to Hulu with The Kardashians, viewers have called out fake-seeming scenes and suspicious editing choices — even Kourtney has voiced her dissatisfaction with how specific scenes were edited for the series. But the latest rumor among the fandom is a whole new level of wild. After TikToks went viral alleging that The Kardashians used CGI to alter some moments, Kim and Khloé addressed the drama.

The gossip began in the fall of 2022, when Season 2 of The Kardashians was airing. One of Kim’s confessionals blew up on TikTok, as viewers were convinced her emotional scene had a fake tear edited into it. In the clip, Kim seems to wipe tears away from her eyes, but notably does not touch the only actual tear appearing under her right eye.

The CGI rumor eventually made it back to Kim herself, she revealed in the July 13 episode of The Kardashians. During a dinner with Khloé and Scott Disick, Khloé described the clip to Kim, which the sisters immediately laughed off as ridiculous.

“It’s definitely not a CGI tear. Isn’t that expensive?” Kim mused.

“The fact that anyone thinks we’re adding CGI tears somewhere, like... no one is CGI-ing nothing,” Khloé added.


Khloé also settled the score about another strange moment that fans had fixated on. Last summer, Khloé had her own viral moment on TikTok when a clip analyzing her pinkie finger blew up. While holding a glass on the show, it appeared the tip of her finger was fake.

“You guys, I do not have fake fingers,” Khloé said while discussing the TikTok clip. “This is crazy. Those are just my hands.”


“Leave me alone. You guys have been f*cking nitpicking me since I’ve been on TV,” Khloé continued. “Now we’re on to my hands. OK, well, let me clear this up for everyone: No, I don’t wear fake fingertips.”

After dealing with those TikTok rumors, Kim and Khloé took aim at one of the most infamous (and preposterous) theory about their family of all — that they made a deal with witches to become powerful, but carry a curse that affects the men in their lives. Khloé was quick to point out the obvious misogyny: “It’s super sexist. Why can society blame us girls, but they would never blame men? So you’re telling me I made someone a drug addict, you’re telling me I made someone cheat?”

The conversation made Kim reflect on her disappointment in how some of her and her sisters’ exes have behaved. “I just wish some of the guys would come to our defense,” Kim said.

Well, at least that TikTok drama is settled, but it sounds like Kim and Khloé are still dealing with some issues concerning their exes.