Kim Kardashian's quote about women in business was edited on 'The Kardashians' and fans are calling ...

Kardashians Fans Are Calling Out The Show For Editing Kim's Controversial Quote

The reality show's edit is once again causing controversy.


The Kardashians finally brought fans behind the scenes of one of the famous family’s recent controversies... but they wound up only adding to drama. The Oct. 13 episode of the Hulu reality show centered on Kim Kardashian’s now-infamous “get your f*cking ass up and work” comment from a March 2022 Variety interview, but viewers noticed that part of the very well-known statement was missing from the episode. The editing choice sparked immediate backlash among Kardashians viewers, who accused the show of altering Kim’s quote in an attempt to rewrite history.

The fourth episode of The Kardashians Season 2 showed the famous fam’s reaction to Kim’s advice for women in business exploding into an internet-engulfing controversy. During an interview for Variety’s March cover, Kim stole the show by delivering a surprisingly biting response when asked if she had advice for working women. “I have the best advice for women in business: get your f*cking ass up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days.” The comment became an instant meme, and led to many people calling her advice insensitive and out-of-touch. The new episode showed Kim both defending and apologizing for the remark, saying the advice wasn’t meant to be taken as “a blanket statement towards all women” and that she’s “so sorry” the message was misunderstood.

However, viewers noticed something strange about how the Hulu series portrayed the Variety quote. As shown in The Kardashians episode, Kim begins her now-infamous statement “I have the best advice for women in business: get your f*cking ass up and work,” but the rest is edited out. Since many people found the most offensive part of the quote to be Kim saying “it seems like nobody wants to work these days,” viewers speculated that the series was trying to brush part of the controversy under the rug.

“They’re blatantly changing the narrative on us,” a viral Reddit post about the edit alleged, and several commenters chimed in to agree with that sentiment. “She got defensive, doubled down, played the victim, and now has attempted to change the narrative. GTFO here Kimmy,” one Redditor wrote. “They know that by not adding that line into the show, it wouldn't be as difficult to explain away,” another user wrote.

This isn’t the first time The Kardashians has gotten heat from viewers who noticed a strange edit. After the Season 1 finale aired in June, superfans called out the Karjenners for seemingly staging a family meeting scene in the show.

The famous fam never addressed that edit allegation, so it seems unlikely they’ll speak out on this one. But it’s pretty safe to assume anyone watching The Kardashians already knows Kim’s full “get your f*cking ass up and work” quote, and the eagle-eyed fans are ready to do just that whenever they spot inconsistencies in the reality show.