Kim Kardashian hinted at being in a "hard place" amid Pete and EmRata dating rumors.

Kim Hinted At Being In A “Hard Place” Amid Pete & EmRata Rumors

Sooo, was her IG Story about PemRata?

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It looks like Kim Kardashian might be taking a cue from her sister Khloé Kardashian. On Nov. 18, Kim shared a cryptic quote on her Instagram Stories, just like Khloé is famous for... and the timing of the post was interesting. On IG, Kim implied she was in a “hard place,” amid the romance rumors surrounding Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski.

Kim re-posted a quote from Idil Ahmed. Her Instagram Story read, “One thing I realized is that everything always ends up working out. Sometimes even better than you can imagine. Remember this when you feel like you’re in a hard place or you feel like you’re being challenged the most. Believe in where you’re headed. See the bigger picture.” Important reminder: Pete and EmRata were photographed together — hugging!! — only two days before this.

Of course, there’s a chance Kim simply liked the quote and felt like it was worth sharing, but it’s hard not to read into things considering her ex’s current romantic status. ICYMI, dating rumors surrounding Pete and Emily started on Nov. 13, when one of Deux Moi’s followers spotted them together. The next day, a source told People the couple was, in fact, “seeing each other.”

Not to mention, on Nov. 15, a source told E!, "Emily thinks Pete is a lot of fun to hang out with... Emily thinks Pete is charming and they have flirtatious chemistry right now."

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Although Kim and Pete reportedly called it quits three months ago in August, there were rumors that Kete was reuniting as recently as October. At the time, The Sun reported that the duo had a “secret sleepover.” And that’s not all. A source told Entertainment Tonight, “Pete and Kim still keep in touch... It wasn't a bad fallout or breakup, so things are good between them and they've remained in contact.” Maybe their staying “in touch” is on pause RN?

Whether Kim was not-so-subtly posting about her ex or not, here’s hoping she gets through whatever “hard place” she’s currently stuck in.