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Here's how Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski started dating.

Here’s How Pete & EmRata Started Dating

This time, SNL was not involved.

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Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson’s origin story might not be Aladdin-themed, but it’s still worth telling. According to an E! source, PemRata reconnected over text, though they’ve been friends for years. So, how exactly did Davidson and Ratajkowski start dating? According to the insider, the comedian was the one to reach out.

"Pete texted Emily wanting to get together to catch up,” the insider told E! on Nov. 15. Since then, they’re reportedly “gone on a few dates” in their hometown of New York City. That’s not all. Per the source, they’re kinda hitting it off.

"Emily thinks Pete is a lot of fun to hang out with," the insider told E!. "Emily thinks Pete is charming and they have flirtatious chemistry right now." Oooh, ~flirtatious chemistry~! How Sex & The City of them!

Though Davidson and Ratajkowski haven’t confirmed their romance yet, on Nov. 14, a source close to Davidson told People that the duo was “seeing each other.” That same day, an insider told Us Weekly, “Pete and Emily have been talking for a couple months now,” and their connection is “in the very early stages, but both really like each other.”

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Although PemRata might be the couple Twitter is unanimously rooting for, it doesn’t sound like their connection is anything serious — not yet, at least. The E! source continued, "She's not exclusively dating anyone and is having fun. Emily is in her 'single girl era' and wants to see what's out there."

Whether or not Ratajkowski and Davidson are end game, it certainly sounds like the duo is warming up to each other — and that “flirtatious chemistry” was pretty palpable to at least one anonymous eyewitness. ICYMI, on Nov. 13, celebrity gossip account Deux Moi shared some reported details of Ratajkowski and Davidson’s date night. According to a source, the duo was seen in Brooklyn “holding hands and all.” Plus, [Davidson’s] “hands were allll over her and they’re clearly clearly hooking up.”

Welp, cheers to Ratajkowski’s single girl era.