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Turns Out, It Wasn’t Swifties Booing Kim K At That Roast

The person who started it is "not affiliated with” Taylor’s fans.

Well, we can rule out one potential reason why Kim Kardashian was met with a wave of boos at The Roast of Tom Brady. Apparently, her surprisingly cold reception at the Netflix special had nothing to do with her well-known feud with Taylor Swift, even if it was publicly reignited just a couple weeks before the event. Nikki Glaser, who had a front-row seat for the crowd’s negative reaction, revealed that she is aware of who started the booing, and that person is “not affiliated with the Swifties.”

Glaser spoke about Kardashian’s tough moment during her May 21 appearance on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, confirming that she now knows who instigated the boos when the reality star took to the podium. The pro roaster said she ran into someone that night who is a “wild guy who's a comedian” with a “reputation for just, like, starting sh*t.” She wouldn’t name names, but was confident it was this comedian who instigated the booing: “Apparently, he started the boo as just, like, a joke. He just probably had too many drinks or something”

Initially, Glaser assumed the boos were coming from Swift fans, since the singer had just released a thinly-veiled diss track about Kardashian on her Tortured Poets Department album two weeks prior. But after learning the source of the booing, she said “he's not affiliated with Swifties.” “It wasn't Swiftie-meditated,” Glaser confirmed. “I do have that on good information.”

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Glaser shared that she was impressed by how Kardashian shrugged off the negative response and delivered a great set of jokes. She previously shared a DM exchange she had with Kardashian after the roast, in which she gushed that the reality star “killed it.” Kardashian wrote back: “Aw thanks, and YOU KILLED IT. I don't know how you do this; it's abuse, lol.”

On Not Skinny But Not Fat, Glaser clarified that Kardashian wasn’t referring to the booing as “abuse,” but rather the general concept of a roast. “It sounds like she's talking about what they may have done when she got booed or something,” Glaser explained. “She wasn't talking about that. She was just talking about showing respect to people up on the stage who were much more inclined to get jokes said about them.”

“My response is, it is abuse. She's not wrong,” the comedian continued. “Yes, obviously, we're asking for it. She didn't say that we didn't deserve it. She was just saying it's abuse. It literally is someone is saying the worst things about you to your face. It's not nice. It doesn't make you feel good.”