During the season two premiere of 'The Kardashians,' Khloé Kardashian teased that her and Tristan Th...

Khloé Revealed The First Initial Of Her Son’s Name, And It Isn’t “K”

Well, that makes sense.

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Khloé Kardashian hasn’t shared the name of her and Tristan Thompson’s second child. However, she teased the name during the latest episode of The Kardashians, and what she revealed is exactly what you’d expect from a Kardashian.

On Sept. 22, The Kardashians returned for Season 2, and the premiere ended with the birth of Khloé and Tristan’s baby via surrogate. During a conversation with her mother, Kris Jenner, Khloé opened up about naming her son. “It is going to start with a T,” Khloé said of her son’s first name. “I mean, that’s really the only names I’ve been looking at.”

Kris offered a few suggestions for baby names, including Tyler, Tucker, and Tatum. She then joked about naming Khloé’s baby Travis. “We could name him Travis and then just have an easy three,” Kris said. IYDK, Kourtney Kardashian’s husband is Travis Barker, and Kylie Jenner’s on-again, off-again boyfriend is Travis Scott.

Khloé replied to the Travis suggestion by rolling her eyes and saying, “Oh my gosh.” I guess we can cross Travis off the list then, right?

In a confessional, Khloé, who is keeping details about her son’s life private, called him “a beautiful gift” and said his birth marked a new beginning. Khloé and Tristan’s son was conceived before Tristan’s paternity scandal, where he publicly acknowledged that he’d fathered a baby with a woman named Maralee Nichols.

“Ever since December, it’s been this dark cloud looming over me every single day,” Khloé said in the episode. “I’ve been feeling depressed and sad and now that my son is here, I get to move on and I get to enjoy.”

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Khloé expressed a desire to put this “trauma” behind her. “Now, I finally get to start the healing process. Now, I finally get to start enjoying my life with two kids now and figuring this out,” she said.

Still, amid all the of this, Khloé and her family have found moments of levity. While at the hospital, Khloé jumped on FaceTime to introduce True to her new baby brother.

“Hi, Snowy!” True said.

“His name is not Snowy,” Khloé replied in amusement.

So, what’s the baby’s name? Well, like Kylie who hasn’t revealed her and Scott’s son’s new name, it seems Khloé is going to make fans wait a little longer until she makes the announcement.