Kanye West deleted all of his Instagram posts but left a photo of a house.

Kanye Just Deleted Every Photo From His IG, Except For 1 Cryptic Post

Is he finally about to release his album?

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Ye is confusing fans because he just wiped his grid. ICYMI, Kanye West deleted all his Instagram posts except for a photo of a house, and the cryptic move has people scratching their heads. The pic, which the rapper posted on Friday, Aug. 20, has no caption or explanation.

West’s Instagram photo of a house has a lot of meaning behind it as the singer gears up for his Donda album release. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that the picture was of West’s childhood home — the one that he purchased in April 2020 for $225,000. The obvious connection is that his highly anticipated album is named after his mom, Donda West, who first bought the house on the South Side of Chicago on 79th Street in the early 1980s. His mom sold it in 2004 before it reportedly went through foreclosure. Then the house was bought by Rhymefest with the plans to make it an “arts incubator.” Rhymefest was a former collaborator with West, but when a public Twitter feud with Kim Kardashian over the house’s public funding ensued, there was a falling out, and West took over the property.

West addressed the feud with Rhymefest and the house on an episode of Katch-Up for Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 16. At the time, West didn’t have any plans for the house, but now that his album Donda is coming sometime soon, it’s safe to assume West’s post is to get people hyped about it.

When the album is officially releasing is still unclear. The release was first scheduled for July 23, before it was delayed until Aug. 6. During the second Donda listening party on Aug. 5, viewers watched a live stream of him “finishing” it from his bedroom inside the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. However, that promise was unfulfilled. On Aug. 7, Apple Music listed the album’s release date as Aug. 13, but the updated drop date as of Saturday, Aug. 21 is Aug. 27.

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Although fans haven’t officially gotten the Donda album, people did get to watch West levitate up to the top of the stadium at the end of the second listening party, which hopefully was enough of a spectacle to tide them over.

As fans continue to patiently await the Donda album drop, it seems like West might be officially gearing up for its completion. Or at least, hinting at it.