This video of Kanye West levitating at his 'Donda' listening party is so wild.

This Video Of Kanye Ascending During His Donda Listening Party Is Jaw-Dropping

Yeezus mode activated.

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kanye West wowed viewers at his second Donda listening party on Thursday, Aug. 5, and there was a key moment that made jaws drop — he literally levitated. The event, filmed from the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, gave people another preview of the upcoming album — even though it’s yet to officially solidify a drop date. There was a lot to talk about the stream, but this video of Kayne West levitating at his Donda party is probably the wildest discussion point from the night.

West’s Donda party began about an hour and a half before he even showed up on the stage. Before then, viewers got a glimpse of a live stream of the singer “finishing” his album from his bedroom inside the stadium. However, the spectacle truly began when West took the stage a bit before 10:30 p.m. ET. Then, he started jamming out for the crowd, playing the yet-to-be-released album that’s named after his late mother. The moment people can’t stop talking about was at the very end of the listening party, when West levitated up to the ceiling amid spotlights, lying on trapeze wires as he was hoisted up as though he was floating.

The entire spectacle had an otherworldly atmosphere, with the circular stage surrounded by a spotlights, with pillars of smoke rising up around them.

In the video, you can see him slowly ascending to the ceiling in a back-bend posture that looks like he’s being beamed up by something supernatural. In this case, since West’s evangelical themes have became a large part of his body of work, the imagery could be symbolism for ascending to heaven. More specifically, his mother heading to heaven, since the album is based on her.

West has been promising a release of Donda for a while, and originally, it was scheduled to release on July 23. The release was then delayed to Aug. 6, although it looks like it’s been delayed yet again. Currently, Apple Music’s preorder for the album lists its release as Friday, Aug. 13. Meanwhile, West has literally been living at the Atlanta-based stadium as he finishes work on the album.

The performance that led up to the final moment included a gospel-style choir, outfits that symbolized his mother’s protection, choir robes, masks that covered the performers’ faces, and jackets that featured a design of a cross inside the Star of David.

West held the first Donda listening party on July 22, and fans have been patiently waiting for the albums release, as stans of the rapper are accustomed with since he’s a big perfectionist when it comes to production.

Fan reactions to the levitation at the end of the listening party were definitely here for the wild moment:

Although fans still have to wait for the official Donda album to release, West’s levitation stunt just might be enough to keep people from being too impatient if it gets yet another release date extension.