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Justin Bieber Finally Addresses Those Kourtney Kardashian Hookup Rumors

After weeks of speculation, Justin Bieber is finally coming clean about those Kourtney Kardashian hook-up rumors.

If you remember, the Internet freaked out after J Biebs posted a picture of himself grinding up on a mystery woman and captioned it “Lord knows.”

Though the chick in the pic ended up not being Kourtney — it was actually model Jasmine Villanueva — the gossip about a potential romance between the eldest Kardashian and Bieber persisted.

But the Biebs finally addressed those rumors in a new, as-yet unaired interview with radio program "The Bert Show" on December 17.

The interview, which airs Wednesday, allegedly captures Bieber responding to a headline about him and Kourtney by joking,

I'm being used, man, what can I say?

According to PEOPLE, Bieber also denies the hook-up rumors outright. When host Bert Weiss asks if there's “anything there” between him and Kardashian, Bieber responds,

Nah, we'll leave it at that.

Despite his heartbreaking denial, Bieber does concede he's friendly with the mother of three.

He continues,

No, no, but for real, she's great. I've known [the family] for years.

Ah, well. The age difference was a little too much, anyway.

Guess he's all yours, Hailey!

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