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Jimin Had A Sweet Response To A Fan Who Streamed BTS' Concert Illegally

How is BTS this perfect?

The Chosunilbo JNS/ImaZinS/Getty Images

BTS’ Muster online concert held on June 13 and 14 was a huge success. According to a press release from Big Hit Entertainment, the virtual fan meeting amassed 1.33 million viewers from 195 countries on Big Hit’s official platform, VenewLive. While most ARMYs paid to watch the show, others had to stream illegally because they couldn’t afford tickets. In the end, it didn’t make much of a difference, considering the concert reportedly made $71 million from ticket sales and merch sales. Jimin's response to a fan streaming BTS' concert illegally was so supportive, and show how considerate he truly is of ARMYs’ different circumstances.

It all started when a fan posted on Weverse (BTS’ fan community app) admitting they felt guilty for streaming Muster through an illegal stream (a phenomenon that affects most high-profile paid online events). “I feel like being the world person in the world. I watched a concert illegally and it seems that you are betraying your trust in some way, but I don’t want to lose because I don’t have money and apologize for seeing it,” the fan wrote, according to screenshots shared by other ARMYs.

Jimin responded to let the fan know he’s not mad. “It’s all okay. Instead, please don’t hate yourself. No matter the reason, we will love you,” he wrote back.

While Jimin’s message surely isn’t meant to encourage streaming BTS’ concerts illegally, it’s clear he understands fans come from all different walks of life. Some can’t afford concert tickets. But judging by his reply to this remorseful fan, he’d seemingly rather ARMYs have the concert experience than feel left out. At the very least, he doesn’t want ARMYs to beat themselves up over not being able to afford tickets, so it’s very sweet of him to have cheered the fan up by reminding them BTS will always love them. That’s why ARMYs love BTS so much, and why those who can afford it are always willing to pay above and beyond for Bangtan’s content.

See Jimin’s interaction with the fan on Weverse below.

BTS’ 2021 Muster is sure to go down as one of their most memorable fan meetings ever. The group’s setlist included so many surprises, including OT7 performances of Suga’s 2020 Agust D single “Daechwita” and J-Hope’s 2019 collaboration with Becky G “Chicken Noodle Soup.” BTS also performed their latest single “Butter,” which has been No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks straight.

After finishing their second Muster performance on June 14, the septet announced they’ll be dropping a physical “Butter” CD on July 9 in celebration of ARMYs’ birthday. Apart from “Butter,” the album will feature a brand-new song. Rumor has it it’s called “Permission to Dance,” although the title has not been confirmed just yet.

Stay tuned, ARMYs, because there are so many more exciting things coming!