On July 15, BTS' J-Hope dropped his first solo album, 'Jack In The Box.'

Here Are 20 Jack In The Box Lyrics To Use For Your Next IG Post

“I'm in my element, soak up the music.”

Courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC

From dropping upbeat tracks like “Trivia: Just Dance” and “Outro: Ego” to angstier songs like “1 Verse” and “MORE,” BTS’ J-Hope has some serious range. And he’s not boxing himself in anytime soon. On July 15, he dropped his first solo album, Jack In The Box, and became the first BTS member to release a solo record.

J-Hope first gave fans a preview of the album on July 1 by releasing the single “MORE.” The hip-hop track featured a guitar-heavy sound while J-Hope shouted in the chorus. It was a major change from his previous solo songs. The day he dropped Jack In The Box, J-Hope also released another single off the album, “Arson.” It featured a grungy sound, and J-Hope spit pure fire throughout the song.

The album proved J-Hope is a stellar solo artist with a unique vision and ambitious lyrics that inspire and move. To celebrate the new release, as well as his upcoming historic Lollapalooza concert at the end of July, here are the best lyrics from Jack In The Box that make for great Instagram captions.

Come to think of it, these J-Hope lyrics are perfect for Chicago ARMY posting their Lollapalooza photos after J-Hope’s set. You’re welcome.

  1. “J to the hope. Jung to the hope. Jack in the box,” — “Pandora’s Box
  2. “Keep dreaming of progress.” — “Pandora’s Box”
  3. “Just keep on doing my thang.” — “Pandora’s Box”
  4. “Yeah, I'm thirsty. I need to go surfin' on the beat.” — “MORE
  5. “I'm in my element, soak up the music.” — MORE”
  6. “Inhale, inhale, exhale, exhale.” — “MORE”
  7. “Small beginnings can make huge steps.” — “STOP
  8. “We can’t change who we are, recognizing that is being myself.” — “STOP”
  9. “The beginning of change is coming soon.” — “= (Equal Sign)
  10. “It costs ya nothin’ to be kind. Not so different you and I.” — “= (Equal Sign)”
  11. “Just a piece to give strength in the puzzle of our hearts.” — “= (Equal Sign)”
  12. “Show your persona with pride.” — “What If...
  13. “Like cars with no traffic control, I get hit here and there.” — “Safety Zone
  14. “The moment I choose this path, will there be any safe zones?” — “Safety Zone”
  15. “Walking into the future with a step of hope.” — “Future
  16. “It will eventually change. Nothing lasts forever.” — “Future”
  17. “Let's just go with the flow.” — “Future”
  18. “We burn bright together.” — “Arson
  19. “Got nothing to fear.” — “Arson”
  20. “Do I put out the fire or burn even brighter?” — “Arson”

Find more information about J-Hope’s debut solo album, Jack In The Box, here.