Season 2, Episode 5 of 'Gossip Girl' ended with a twist hinting that Zoya is pregnant.

It Looks Like 1 Of The Gossip Girl Girlies Might Be Pregnant

This could be the biggest scoop yet.


Gossip Girl might be turning into Teen Mom very soon. Halfway through the HBO Max reboot’s second season, a baby-sized bombshell was dropped. Spoiler alert: Don’t read on if you haven’t watched Gossip Girl Season 2, Episode 5. After that cliffhanger, fans were left wondering if Zoya is really pregnant, and if the twist will lead to another GG baby.

Episode 5 ended with Zoya in a weird place. It seemed like she was finally going to move on from Obie after hooking up with a rando in Philly named Drew... until Drew awkwardly ghosted her the next morning. OK, bad hookup, NBD. Well, it was a BD, because the first thing Zoya did when she got home was Google how to buy Plan B.

Yeah, it may be too early for Zoya to really know if she’s pregnant or not, and it looks like she’s already planning her preventative measures, but that last shot had to be foreshadowing something, right? Also, let’s be real: Zoya’s storyline this season could use a drama infusion — the weird hostility with her dad over rent money just isn’t giving like her Season 1 Serena-and-Blair-style feud with Julien was. Maybe a pregnancy is just what she needs to really stir things up again. Plus, there’s definitely some unresolved questions going on with Drew, like why was he so awkward about ditching her after their hookup? So much about this poetry-loving foodie is still a mystery, and seems a little shady after that sudden personality change.


This wouldn’t be the first time Gossip Girl pulled a pregnancy twist. In the original series, Blair Waldorf was pregnant with the Prince of Monaco’s baby for a hot minute, before a tragic car accident caused her to miscarry. But the most famous baby-related GG moment of all was Georgina Sparks showing up pregnant at Dan Humphrey’s loft to tell him he’s the father of her child. But in true Georgina fashion, she was lying to Dan, and was actually pregnant from an affair she had with a dangerous Russian man.

Fittingly enough, the GG reboot already brought back Georgina’s son in the first season, and Georgina herself will be making her grand return later in Season 2. So the stage is set for some seriously twisted pregnancy drama.

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