Madelyn Cline responded to rumors that she will leave 'Outer Banks' after Season 3.

Madelyn Cline Addressed Rumors She's Leaving Outer Banks

She got real in a since-deleted IG story.

Arturo Holmes/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Outer Banks hasn’t released new episodes since summer 2021, but the drama among the cast has had fans constantly theorizing about the upcoming third season. The biggest rumor to arise in recent months is that Madelyn Cline may be leaving Outer Banks after Season 3. The show just wouldn’t be the same without Sarah Cameron, so it’s no wonder this speculation has been very upsetting for fans. Don’t worry, though, because it sounds like Cline isn’t planning on going anywhere, despite what you may have heard.

The rumors stem from Cline’s breakup with her OBX costar, Chase Stokes. The duo’s relationship has been inextricably linked to the show — they met while filming the first season in 2019 and went public with their relationship around when the show debuted in April 2020. Their characters, Sarah and John B, are the series’ central love story, so fans were concerned when Cline and Stokes announced their breakup at the end of 2021, not long after Season 2 hit Netflix. Although there were some rumors the two may have rekindled things, it soon became clear the couple was no more when a video of Stokes making out with a woman at a club went viral on TikTok in the final days of 2021. Cline also appeared to move on with fellow actor Ross Butler.

Since the two of them filming love scenes as exes seems unimaginable for many fans, rumors circulated that Cline would walk away from Outer Banks after the breakup. But that’s not necessarily the case. Cline took to Instagram on Jan. 24 to confirm she has no plans to leave the show.

"Hi so I'm getting asked if s3 is my final season of obx,” Cline wrote in a now-deleted post. “I will come back for as many seasons as they will have me. I love my job and there's not a day that goes by that I'm not grateful for it, and for everyone who has watched it. Not everything you read on the internet is true.”

So, it sounds like Cline is still a Pogue for life.

Filming for Outer Banks Season 3 is expected to begin in February and continue throughout the summer. Although no release date has been revealed, all signs point to Season 3 hitting Netflix later in 2022.