'Succession' will likely end after Season 4 or Season 5, according to an executive producer.

Succession Might End Sooner Than You Think

I miss the Roys already?


Succession fans have had to wait a long time for the Roys to return for Season 3, and sadly, it sounds like there might not be much more time with the dysfunctional media magnates. Despite the darkly comedic HBO series quickly becoming a hit, in a June 24 interview with The Times, executive producer Georgia Pritchett revealed the show likely won’t last much longer. Get ready to savor every new episode from here on out, because it sounds like Succession probably won’t continue for more than one or two more seasons.

Despite cultivating a devoted fanbase and tons of awards buzz, Succession is very unlikely to continue past Season 5, according to Pritchett. The EP went on to warn fans that going beyond Season 4 doesn’t even seem likely. “I think the maximum would be five seasons, but possibly more like four,” Pritchett said.

Currently, the series is at the end of production on the long-delayed Season 3, which is expected to premiere on HBO later this year. Pritchett shared that creator Jesse Armstrong has claimed he is only interested in making one more season after this one, meaning the show will most likely end after Season 4. “We’re at the end of filming Season 3, so at this point [Armstrong] is saying only one more,” Pritchett said. While she left the door open for Armstrong to possibly walk that claim back later, the EP shared that the Succession creative team already has “a good end in sight,” suggesting they more or less know what the series finale will look like.


In a way, it’s reassuring to know there’s a clear end in sight — at least now Succession fans can rest assured they will finally find out who Logan Roy chooses to take over Waystar RoyCo sometime soon. Plus, there’s still a lot of upcoming episodes for fans to enjoy before the show potentially ends with Season 4 or Season 5. Succession’s third season, which was delayed by a year due to the coronavirus pandemic, is expected to drop on HBO later in 2021.