Harry Styles performed with Shania Twain at Coachella 2022

Harry Styles' Coachella Set Included Shania Twain, Plus Two New Songs

The duo sang her classic hit, “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!”

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Harry’s House may be a little over a month away, but Harry Styles had no problem making himself at home on the 2022 Coachella stage. The multi-hyphenate performer’s headlining set on Friday night included not one, but two new songs, and a special guest appearance by none other than country-pop icon Shania Twain.

With so much to cover in the 80-minute set, Styles wasted no time getting down to business. He opened with his latest single, “As It Was,” invigorating the crowd at 11:35 p.m. with the track’s indie-pop charm. The current No. 1 was followed by two more fan favorite singles: “Adore You” included a long run down the catwalk to offer better views to the more distant crowd, after which the singer was bathed in sunny hues as he crooned “Golden.”

Just before midnight, Styles debuted the first of two new tracks off his upcoming album, Harry’s House. “Who in the audience has ever had a boyfriend?” the singer asked the crowd ahead of the first verse, to boisterous applause. “To boyfriends everywhere: f- you,” Styles said.

Titled “Boyfriend,” the acoustic song boasts sweet harmonies, a strumming guitar, and platitudes about men who treat you wrong. “Boyfriends / They think you’re so easy / They’ll take you for granted / They don’t know,” the track opens.

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Diving further into the set, Harry continued on with deeper cuts; “Woman,” “Cherry,” and “She” all made the set list. Once the more somber section of the performance reached its emotional conclusion, the band paused for a brief moment before playing the iconic seven-note intro to “Man! I Feel Like A Woman.” The stunned audience was given a beat to process what was happening before the group played the false start again, pausing once more before finally bringing out its companion — Shania Twain — with the intro in its entirety.

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Twain led the first verse, with Styles joining in at the refrain, and the two were “rockin’ it and hav[ing] a little fun.” The duo later shared appreciation for each other’s work. Styles reflected on early childhood memories of listening to Twain with his mother. “This woman taught me to sing,” he noted. “She also taught me men are trash.” Twain replied, “I’m a little starstruck right now.” The two rounded out the surprise with a heartfelt rendition of Twain’s hit “You’re Still The One” before Styles continued on solo.

Styles then brought out a brass band for his songs “Canyon Moon” and “Treat People With Kindness” from his sophomore album, Fine Line. To round out the self-dubbed “12-minute dance break,” the singer introduced yet another new addition to the Harry’s House track list: “Late Night Talking.”

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Bleating trumpets led the intro, followed by funky bass and lively synth notes. Hitting a similar sentiment as his enthusiastic dance break during the Love On Tour iteration of “Adore You,” Styles bounced around the stage, strutted down the runways towards general admission viewers, and shimmied during an extensive instrumental break.

With three songs left, Styles continued strong with hits “Watermelon Sugar” and “Kiwi” before addressing the crowd one final time.

Before closing out the set with a soulful rendition of “Sign of the Times,” he spoke to the audience about leading with kindness in the world. As the final notes faded and Styles made his exit, the screens turned blue and yellow, a signal of support for Ukraine.