Season 2 of HBO Max's 'Gossip Girl' reboot saw Georgina Sparks reveal Dan Humphrey and Serena van de...

The Gossip Girl Reboot Delivered A Major Update On Dan & Serena

TBH, I'm kinda surprised they're still together.

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Warning: Spoilers for Gossip Girl Season 2, Episode 6 follow. HBO Max’s Gossip Girl reboot has only given fans brief glimpses into the world of the original series, but at long last, it dropped a real bombshell in Season 2, Episode 6. If you ever wondered whether Dan Humphrey and Serena van der Woodsen’s relationship really did last all those years after their wedding, now you have the answer, because the Gossip Girl reboot revealed Dan and Serena have a kid. Oh, and it even showed off their Brooklyn home, as well as some other details about the apparently still-married couple.

Georgina Sparks didn’t just bring a heaping helping of chaos with her when she returned to the Upper East Side in the middle of the Gossip Girl reboot’s second season. She also brought all the tea about her best frenemies, Dan and Serena. Turns out, the power couple is still together half a decade after their wedding in the 2012 Gossip Girl series finale, although Georgina is still an issue for them. The irrepressible scammer revealed she’s been consistently breaking into S and D’s Brooklyn Heights home to secretly mess with them, and one of her pranks confirmed a big update about Dan and Serena. Georgina offhandedly mentioned switching out their oat milk for full dairy because “their kid’s lactose intolerant,” which means there’s officially a mini Dan and Serena in the world.

Although the couple has yet to show up in the reboot, a couple of photos of them did appear during Georgina’s scene at their home. While she explained all her pranks, a pair of throwback photos of Dan and Serena were visible on the dresser next to her.


This new scene confirmed that Dan and Serena are still together about five or six years after their wedding in Gossip Girl’s finale. The original series ended with a flash forward five years in the future, to the central couple’s big day, meaning they would’ve tied the knot in 2017. And now fans know they’re still going strong in 2022, and even had a child sometime in the past five years.