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An OG Gossip Girl Character Showed Up In The Reboot And Twitter Is LIVING

This was even better than Milo Sparks.

by Ani Bundel
Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max

Since the premiere of the Gossip Girl reboot on HBO Max, fans have been waiting for a star from the original series to show up. Finally, with only one episode to go before the show’s mid-season finale, Gossip Girl gave fans what they craved: a real OG GG character. Nelly Yuki’s cameo in the Gossip Girl reboot might not be as flashy as a Serna or Blair appearance, but it was enough to make fans go wild.

Warning: Spoilers for HBO Max’s Gossip Girl Season 1, Episode 5 follow. Since the reboot’s arrival, Gossip Girl has assiduously avoided bringing back significant characters from the original show. When asked about it, series creator Joshua Safran had good reasons, citing the large ensemble of the new series not leaving a lot of room for more than a glorified cameo or two. In his opinion, fans might feel cheated should Blair or Serena return without anything real to do.

But in Gossip Girl’s latest episode, “Hope Sinks,” Safran teased what could be, should the show get a second season, making room for a prominent name to return. The series brought back the first actor who appeared in the original series, Yin Chang, who played Nelly Yuki.

Unsurprisingly, fans had feelings about this.

Yuki wasn’t a main character on the original show’s roster, but she was a pretty decent-sized presence as a co-star in the show’s first two seasons. As one of the hangers-on who surrounded Blair Waldorf and did her bidding, she had her fair share of drama, which ended with her on the wrong side of a fight with Blair before it was all over.

Nelly’s character was considered significant enough for the OG show to bring back in the finale season, establishing her as having gone on to a career as a reporter for Women’s Wear Daily. And sure enough, when she turned up in the reboot, she’s still working in the media industry, turning up as one of Obie’s invitees to the Huluween party, where she dressed as the famous fashionista Eva Chen.

The midseason finale of Gossip Girl will premiere on Thursday, Aug. 12, 2021. The first five episodes are streaming on HBO Max.