'Gilmore Girls' Revival's Last Four Words Could Mean Rory's Getting Married

by Anna Menta

If you're a "Gilmore Girls" super fan, you might know the story of the famous last four words of the show.

For those who maybe spend less time obsessing over this series than I do (I don't have a problem, I'm fine!), allow me to familiarize you.

In 2006, creator Amy Sherman-Palladino said in an interview with TV Guide that she had known the ending to "Gilmore Girls" long ago.

In fact, she knew the ending so well she said she already had "the last four words" of the final episode.

But then some other writer wrote the actual last words of season seven (Rory says, "I guess so," while she and Lorelai are just chatting in the diner).

The mystery of the last four words has plagued "Gilmore Girls" fans ever since, and Amy never gave into requests to reveal them, often citing tentative plans to write a movie (now replaced by the revival.)

Now, however, Amy is back for "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life." And according to this new promo from Netflix, we will finally, FINALLY get to know those last four words.

In an anti-spoiler "public service announcement," Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel urge hardcore viewers not to reveal the last four words for more casual viewers after the revival premieres on November 25.

Lauren Graham promises viewers,

You're going to hear them.

They even set up a page on the official revival website where you can sign your name to a pledge not to spoil the last four words.


If they're being this aggressive about spoilers, these last four words must reveal something big.

So you guys know what that means: TIME TO SPECULATE!

1. "Will you marry me?"


This is the most popular theory in the comments right now, and I'll admit this is where my mind first went, too — to Rory proposing to Logan, or vice versa. (We're 99 percent sure Luke and Lorelai are married already, and you can find my reasonings for why it would be Logan here.)

Pros: This would provide closure to the whole Dean-Jess-Logan debate, which is a debate we know Amy Sherman-Palladino hates. This would also make sense as to why it would be a big spoiler to avoid.

Plus, if Rory asked Logan this, I think we all know he'd say "yes."

Cons: Well, for one, Amy Sherman-Palladino hates the boyfriend debate. Two, this show is called "Gilmore Girls." It'd be pretty weird if the final scene wasn't of Rory and Lorelai.

Conclusion: Nah. Based on the Rory-Lorelai factor, I'm nixing the proposal theory.

2. Luke: "I do." Lorelai: "Me too."


Others are suggesting that instead of a marriage proposal, the last scene would be Luke and Lorelai FINALLY getting married.

Pros: Well, we have been waiting over a decade for this couple to get their shit together, so this would be a pretty satisfying ending.

Cons: Again, as much as I love Luke and Lorelai, this show was never really about them. Plus, I'm willing to bet they're married already.

Conclusion: Again, nah. I just can't see the last scene being anything other than Rory and Lorelai.

3."I'm having a girl/boy." or "I'm having a baby."


Another popular theory is either Lorelai or Rory is pregnant or they will reveal the gender of the baby.

Pros: This would also fit into the "big spoiler" thing, and could leave fans with some closure of a typical happy ending without having to actually suffer through a baby plot.

Plus, there have been clues that someone might be pregnant.

And unlike the proposal line, this could easily be a scene between Rory and Lorelai.

Cons: I can't really see either Lorelai or Rory becoming pregnant at the very end of the revival. Lorelai is going to be 48, which, while not impossible, seems a little old to be pregnant.

Rory, on the other hand, we know is at a big crossroads in her life — jobless and underwear-less — at the beginning of the revival. I just can't see Rory going from total instability to having a baby in under a year.

Finally, if these four words are the original four words meant for season seven, then it seems even less likely that Amy ever intended Rory to end up pregnant right out of college.

Conclusion: Very unlikely. I don't think this will be the line, but I do think it's possible.

3. "I love you, Mom."


Maybe the last four words of the show will simply sum up what the whole series has been about: the love between a mother and daughter.

Pros: This would definitely be a Rory and Lorelai scene and definitely give some nice, heartwarming closure to the show. It also gets to the core of what the show has always been.

Cons: Why would Netflix be so obsessed with keeping this secret? Possibly just because the last four words are legendary at this point, but not going to lie, I would be pretty disappointed if this was it.

Plus, it's a little too sentimental, even for "Gilmore Girls."

Conclusion: Soft maybe. I think something along these lines is more likely than anything to do with pregnancy or marriage, but I doubt it would be these exact words.

4. "I need more coffee" or "Want to get coffee?"


"Gilmore Girls" could end the way the pilot began: Lorelai getting coffee.

Pros: This would be a nice callback to the pilot episode, and an overall theme of the show. It also seems more in line with the tongue-and-cheek tone than gushy declarations.

Cons: Again, it seems weird the Netflix people would protect this line so fiercely, but maybe they're just weird like that.

Conclusion: Solid maybe. I would not be surprised if it was this line, or something about coffee.

5."I will follow you."


Carole King's song "Where You Lead" has become an iconic opening to the show, so maybe the last four words would be a nod to those lyrics.

Pros: This would be a nice wink to the Carole King lyrics that have framed the show for so many years. Plus, I can see it being a casual little Easter egg, almost. Rory: "Want to get coffee?" Lorelai: "I'll follow you!"

Cons: While I do love these lyrics, it sounds a little forced in everyday conversation. I highly doubt Amy would end her show — known for its excellent dialogue — on a forced note.

Plus the show has never been very "wink-wink nudge-nudge" in the past.

Conclusion: Probably not.

6. "See you next year!"


I saw this suggestion on Twitter, so I thought I'd take a moment to address it.

(I don't need think I need my pro/con list for this one.)

Conclusion: No. As nice as it might be to have even MORE "Gilmore Girls," trust me, this is the end, y'all.

If it wasn't, then Amy wouldn't be whipping out the famous final four words, now would she?

We'll all know the last four words once and for all next Friday, November 25, when "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" starts streaming on Netflix.