Sorry, Jess Fans: Rory From 'Gilmore Girls' Will Probably End Up With Logan

by Anna Menta

OK, "Gilmore Girls" fans, it's crunch time.

Only one month to go before the revival gets here. One month left to get in all your last minute theories about marriage, pregnancy and if Kirk is the father. (Kidding about that last one... I hope.)

We've already had one question answered by the first full-length trailer that was released yesterday: Are Lorelai and Luke together?

The answer is yes, yes they are. Thank God. It's unclear whether they are married or if they have any kids yet, but at least we know they are together.

So the big question that still remains to be answered is this: Who will Rory be with at the end of the new series?

Thanks to a slip from the actor who plays Taylor Doose, we're pretty sure Rory is going to end up with one of her exes in "A Year in the Life."

But which ex?

Well, to be honest... probably Logan.

Look, I'm Team Jess. He and Rory had great chemistry, and Milo Ventimiglia looks drop dead gorgeous in the bad boy role. And yes, he was still looking VERY gorgeous in this new trailer.


Obviously I'm Team Jess. (And I know a lot of you are, too.)

But we gotta face the facts: All signs point to Logan, and I can prove it.

1. Logan is in all four of the new Netflix episodes.


It doesn't take a detective to check the IMDB page for "A Year in the Life" and realize Matt Czuchry, the actor who plays Logan, is in all four of the 90-minute revival episodes, while Milo Ventimiglia is only in three.

What's Logan doing with Rory for the entire year (since each episode represents a season of the year) unless they are together?

Meanwhile, Jared Padalecki, aka Dean, is only in one episode, so it seems safe to rule him out. ("Aw man," said nobody.)

2. Jess and Rory totally have an "old friends catching up" vibe in the trailer.


I love this part in the trailer (again, I'm Team Jess), but it really didn't seem like the interaction of a romantically involved couple.

Rory vents to Jess about her woes over whiskey: "I have no job, I have no credit, I have no underwear!"

Then they quote the famous "I could have been a contendah" scene from "On the Waterfront" to each other.

It's cute, but it's way more pal-y than it is romantic. (Why would she need to catch Jess up on her life if they were together?) Sigh.

Which brings me to my next point...

3. Logan is barely even in the trailer.


I know at first this might seem like a reason to think they WOULDN'T end up together, but hear me out.

We already know Logan has a huge role in the revival because of the IMDB thing. So why wouldn't he be featured more in this trailer?

Because, unlike with Jess, all of Rory and Logan's scenes must have couple-y vibes all over them. There was no way to include him with out giving away everything, so we just got that split-second shot of him by himself instead.

With Luke, the editors decided just to spill the beans, but they're keeping Rory's love life a mystery. (But I've solved the mystery. It's Logan.)

4. Logan is the only adult relationship Rory had.


This revival takes place eight years after the season seven finale. That means Rory is now 32 years old.

Rory's a fully grown adult now, and as much as I loved Jess at the time, it would be kind of weird for her to go back to her high school relationship at this stage in her life.

If Rory must be with one of the exes — and we're assuming that's the case — Logan is the obvious choice. Logan and Rory lived together and they matured together.

I guess you could argue her relationship with Dean was pretty adult — since she had an affair with him while he was married — but that wasn't exactly a healthy adult relationship.

So there ya have it, folks!

Jess and Rory will always have my heart, but I'm very much prepared for a Logan endgame, and you probably should be, too.

At least we'll always have Dodger.