'Gilmore Girls' Creator Has Message For People Obsessing Over Rory's Love Life

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My friend Emily and I are currently in a fight.

Now that she has finished binge-watching "Gilmore Girls" in preparation for "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" on November 25, she decided to take a spot on #TeamLogan.

Well, at least she's not on #TeamDean. Then our friendship would definitely be in question.

She and I are certainly not the only fans fighting about Rory Gilmore's best fella, and the show's creator Amy Sherman-Palladino is getting pretty fed up with the teams.

For the record, #TeamJess all the way (as if there's really another choice).

The show's creator sat down with TIME and said,

Rory didn't spend her days thinking, 'Who am I going to end up with?' Rory was much more concerned about, 'How do I get that interview at The New York Times?'

While yes, we fans were always interested in Rory's days at Chilton, when she and Paris usually competed to be the best at something, or her days at Yale, when she was confused like the rest of us Millennials about where she was going in life (and how exactly she got that D in her games and theories class), we can't help but be invested in her love life, too!

Sherman-Palladino continued,

Sometimes I wish that the Dean and Jess thing weren't so prominent, because in the grand scheme of Rory's life, who her boyfriend was when she was 16 years old is such a small event. I don't begrudge people the excitement of Jess and Dean. But they were there to show Rory's evolution as a character.

Sooo... what exactly are you trying to tell us here, Amy?

While yes, there's a lot to love about "Gilmore Girls" -- the family dynamics, the tight-knit small town, the pressure to succeed -- we certainly have a soft spot for the relationships, too.

We grew up with Rory. We identify with Rory. We need her to pick a guy on November 25 or we're going to spill our cup of coffee all over ourselves out of rage.

OK, OK. Just kidding. We are excited about all aspects of the show, so we'll try to simmer down when it comes to picking boyfriend teams.


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