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'Gilmore Girls' Posts Photo About Jess That'll Give You Feels

Growing up, I wanted to be as epic of a bad boy as Jess from "Gilmore Girls." However, I was probably more similar to the character Kirk Gleason. Such is my lot in life.

Well, the "Gilmore Girls" Instagram account posted a photo that's sure to be great news for every fan of the show that's still on Team Jess, which obviously includes myself (Team Dean can go suck it).

You might be looking at this scribbled note, wondering to yourself, "alas, what hidden portents are these?"

This is of course a callback to the second season of "Gilmore Girls," where Jess borrows a copy of "Howl" by poet Allen Ginsburg from Rory (without telling her).

Yes, this Instagram posts displays the words of "Howl," but how do you explain that cryptic note written on the side?

Well, you wouldn't have to it explained if you practically lived in Stars Hallow like I did thanks to re-watching "Gilmore Girls" DVDs and, of course, my best friend Netflix.

In this second season moment, Jess called his low key theft of the book "a trick," while Rory called it a "felony," and OH MY GOD JUST SMOOCH ALREADY!

Jess explains himself by saying that he "just wanted to put some notes in the margins" for Rory -- and that, my friends, is how you crack a puzzling "Gilmore Girls" Instagram riddle (with a lot of help from Google and GIFs).

Of course, the "Goodnight, Dodger" caption is also a reference to the same episode where Rory calls Jess "Dodger," which is a reference to "Oliver Twist."

A reference within a reference? This is social media "Inception" at its finest.

While nothing is certain, I've got to say that this post bodes very well for Rory and Jess reigniting their old romance in the revival series.

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