Lindsay Lohan will continue to be booked and busy with her new sequel, 'Freaky Friday 2.'

Freaky Friday 2 Will Have Twice As Many Body Swaps As The First 1

Why is it kinda giving The Parent Trap?

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The Lohanaissance continues. After laying low for several years, Lindsay Lohan has recently returned to the big screen. She appeared in the Mean Girls reboot, became Netflix’s latest rom-com obsession, and revisited Camp Walden with her peanut butter Oreo cookies in tow. Now, she and Jamie Lee Curtis are going back to their body-swap roots for Freaky Friday 2.

On Mar. 4, Lohan confirmed the sequel news on Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM show. He first asked if the Freaky Friday 2 rumor — which has been following the 2003 film for nearly two years — was true. “It is,” Lohan confirmed. While she didn’t offer details about the script or when filming might start, she revealed she’s excited to work with Curtis again.

Lohan doubled down on that excitement to People, adding she’s interested to “see how much further we can take” and reimagine the iconic plot. As mentioned, this Freaky Friday sequel has been a long time coming. Lohan first spoke this sequel into existence in 2017, when she asked fans on X (formerly known as Twitter) to let Disney know they wanted a second act to the film. Disney answered those outcries nearly a year later; however, they released a musical edition of Freaky Friday with new actors.

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Ever since then, both Lohan and Curtis have dropped hints they wanted to work together again. Then, in May 2023, The Hollywood Reporter revealed the sequel was officially in development with the two actors in mind. Clearly, Lohan’s old tweet was the manifestation push the world truly needed.

Here’s all the tea to know about the upcoming sequel so far.

Freaky Friday 2 Is Many Fridays Away

A release date for Freaky Friday 2 has not been revealed. It appears the sequel is in the early stages, as Lohan declined to reveal any details.

Who’s Returning To Freaky Friday 2?

It’s safe to assume that Curtis and Lohan will reprise their mother-daughter roles as Anna and Tess Coleman. And some new tea from a casting call revealed a few new characters that will be entering the movie’s world.

The Plot Harkens Back To The Parent Trap

Interestingly enough, it sounds like Freaky Friday 2 will also incorporate some elements from Lohan’s first switcheroo comedy hit: The Parent Trap. Audition sides obtained by Entertainment Weekly in early April revealed that the movie will center around Anna’s wedding this time, as she prepares to marry a British restaurateur. However, her 14-year-old daughter Harper is against the union, and also buts heads with her future stepdad’s daughter Lily.


This time around, Anna will swap bodies with her daughter Harper, and Tess will find herself transformed into Lily. As in The Parent Trap, the story will follow two young girls from an ocean apart as they meddle in their parents’ love lives — with a Freaky Friday body-swap twist.

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