Lindsay Lohan and Chord Overstreet in 'Falling for Christmas.'

Lindsay Lohan Has 3 New Movies Coming To Netflix

The Lohanaissance is upon us.

by Ani Bundel

There was a time when teen stars seemed to have collapsing careers left and right. Britney Spears was the most obvious in the mid-aughts, but Lindsay Lohan was a close second. However, the 2020s have brought a reckoning in how these starlets were viewed and treated, and Lindsay Lohan’s Netflix movie deal is a sign her comeback may be just around the corner.

Lohan’s first step toward a comeback was with the announcement that she will star in one of Netflix’s holiday offerings for the 2022 season. Falling For Christmas features Lohan as a wealthy heiress who suffers total amnesia after a skiing accident. Chord Overstreet plays the lodge owner and father, who takes her in, unaware she’s already engaged to be married.

But this is apparently only the beginning of Lohan’s deal with Netflix. According to Deadline, the streaming service has decided to go all in on Lohan with a three-picture deal. Falling For Christmas will fulfill the first slot, with two more films to follow.

The two films are as yet unannounced, with no concrete plans for who Lohan will play or what the subjects will be. However, as a former Disney star whose big breakthrough was Mean Girls, she seems likely to focus on the rom-com genre. Lohan’s career collapse happened just as rom-coms went out of style, and her revival seems well-timed to catch the wave of the return of the romantic comedy, a genre of film that does particularly well on Netflix.

It certainly seems that the actor’s work on Falling For Christmas has impressed those at Netflix. As the streaming service’s director of independent film, Christina Rogers, told Deadline: “We’re so happy with our collaboration with Lindsay to date, and we’re thrilled to continue our partnership with her. We look forward to bringing more of her films to our members around the world.”

For Netflix, Lohan’s big moment has been building for a while. The actor has been working on and off since the mid-2010s, including co-starring in Sick Note with Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint and The Nevers’ Nick Frost, which Netflix produced in conjunction with U.K. production studio Sky One.

Her next project, Falling For Christmas, is slated to arrive on Netflix in either November or December 2022.