According to 'Forbes,' the list of the highest-earning TikTokers include Charli and Dixie D'Amelio.

Charli And Dixie Are Officially The Highest-Earning TikTokers, According To Forbes

I'm talking millions.

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Ever since joining TikTok in 2019, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio have amassed a combined 180 million followers on the app, becoming two of the most powerful influencers. They only gained more popularity with the premiere of their Hulu reality show The D’Amelio Show (which also stars their parents, Heidi and Marc D’Amelio) in September 2021. Not to mention, their Apple podcast 2 Chix, which launched in October 2020, is still going strong. Considering how famous they’ve gotten in such little time, it’s no surprise Forbes has named them the highest-earning TikTokers. Find out which of your other favorite creators made the list below.

Forbes shared its list of the top-earning TikTokers on Friday, Jan. 7, revealing Charli (who is the most-followed TikToker with 133 million followers) came at No. 1 with $17.5 million earned in 2021. The accomplishment makes the 17-year-old the highest-paid TikToker of the year. Her sister, Dixie, who is 20 years old and the ninth most-followed TikToker, came in at No. 2 with an estimated income of $10 million.

Meanwhile, Addison Rae, who was crowned the top-earning TikToker in Forbes’ 2020 list, came in third place for the publication’s 2021 rankings, having earned an estimated $8.5 million. It’s worth noting Rae recently made her acting debut in Netflix’s She’s All That remake, He’s All That, in August 2021.

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TikTokers Bella Poarch and Josh Richards tied for fourth place, as they each earned an estimated income of $5 million, while Kris Collins and Avanni Gregg tied for fifth place, having earned an estimated total of $4.75 million in 2021.

Altogether, the highest-earning TikTokers made around $55.5 million in 2021, which is up 200% from the previous year. According to Forbes, while some of their earnings are due to projects they’ve taken on outside of the platform, most of their money still comes from TikTok. Apparently, 30% to 50% of their income is from sponsored content. The average that TikTok stars charge for a single sponsored post is between $100,000 to $250,000, but their rates can reach up to half a million dollars.

Congrats to all the creators that made the list!